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My videos from Venezuela
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Venezuela Delegation 
~mike 12-20-09

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Caracas Venezuela Day 9 Earthquake 6.4
As we were being interviewed by a local Venezuela TV Station am earthquake shook us pretty good. We (Josh) continues the interview.

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Report Back from Venezuela: Revolution in Crisis

PCASC is proud to host Benji Lewis as he reports back from his experiences as a journalist in Caracas, Venezuela.

Benji is an Iraq Veteran who publicly refused recall and redeployment orders and recently lived ten months in Venezuela working as a journalist. Benji plans to return to Venezuela to report from the frontlines of the accelerating hostility between US-backed Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Wed. Aug 11th @ 7pm @ Multnomah Friends Meetinghouse (4312 S.E. Stark Street), tortures, murders, corruption and false divides have plagued the oil laden country of Venezuela and its people for decades.

A backlash to the policies of the Washington Consensus turned the hand of a long, and often violently, suppressed revolutionary undertow into a mainstream political and social transformation led by Hugo Chavez.

Benji Lewis will be offering analysis and helping to facilitate an open discussion on just what is taking place in Venezuela and throughout the southern Americas.

The goods, the bads and the uglies are all to be brought to the table as we study a movement that has been on the verge of collapse from internal and external forces since its inception; yet - instead of collapsing - has managed to accomplish incredible aims in building a modern and just society.


Part 1

Part 2




(out-take poem by Benji Lewis)




click here to download PODCAST #10

On May 25th 2010 I read for my podcast #10
The article which is titled

By Eva Golinger - (The Chavez Code)

The original article that was read for podcast 10 was found at this link:


If you come to Venezuela with glistening eyes, expecting to see the revolution of a romantic and passionate novel, don’t be disappointed when the complexities of reality burst your bubble. While revolution does withhold a sense of romanticism, it’s also full of human error and the grit of everyday life in a society – a nation – undertaking the difficult and tumultuous process of total transformation.

Nothing is perfect here, in the country sitting on the world’s largest oil reserves. But everything is fascinating and intriguing, and the changes from past to present become more visible and tangible every day.

(end quote)

Cindy Sheehan Interviews Eva Golinger 1.10.10

click here to download file

My New FB Friend

Flight Home from Caracas Venezuela
Filmed on 9.13.09 as we flew back home, over Oregon

Hounduras Teach In - Portland Oregon - PCASC

Honduras Panel Discussion & Teach In by PCASC
Filmed in Portland Oregon on 11.19.09 

Eva Golinger speaking  on US AID and the Media
Filmed outside the Art Museum in Caracas on 9.6.09

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Chavez Says:
 "Venezuela to Prepare for War as Deterrent"

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Venezuela beach & a new young friend
Filmed on 9/12/09 this young boy was selling hard boiled eggs - he leaves the eggs in the shade and spends the afternoon playing with us in the sand 

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click here to download file

Hugo Chavez at Moscow University <video>

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Hugo Chavez speaks at the UN 9/09 <video>

click here to download file

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click picture for joe-anybody venezuela blog

My Joe Anybody Venezuela Blog Page

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Caracas Bus Ride Trash Health Education

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 No Police Allowed on any
Venezuela University Campus

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The Author

My Photo
Eva Golinger
Eva Golinger, named “La Novia de Venezuela” (the Sweetheart of Venezuela) by President Hugo Chávez, is a Venezuelan-American attorney from New York, living in Caracas, Venezuela since 2005 and author of the best-selling books, “The Chávez Code: Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela” (2006 Olive Branch Press) and “Bush vs. Chávez: Washington’s War on Venezuela” (2007, Monthly Review Press). Her two latest books, “The Empire’s Web: Encyclopedia of Interventionism and Subversion” and “La Mirada del Imperio sobre el 4F: Los Documentos Desclasificados de Washington sobre la rebelión militar del 4 de febrero de 1992” were released in Venezuela in early 2009. Since 2003, Eva, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and CUNY Law School in New York, has been investigating, analyzing and writing about US intervention in Venezuela using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain information about the US Government’s efforts to destabilize progressive movements in Latin America. Her first book, The Chávez Code, has been translated and published in five languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian) and is presently being made into a feature film.
View Eva's complete profile

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Merida, October 1st 2009

(  )

The Venezuelan Attorney General's Office formally opened an investigation into an alleged assassination plot against President Hugo Chavez, following recently publicized declarations by a former paramilitary hitman and a former Colombian intelligence official.  

See the original Al Jazeera segment here:

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Venezuela Links:
Chavez Code



The announcement of the US occupation of more than 7 military bases in Colombia comes at a time when a dictatorship - supported, if tacitly by Washington - in Honduras is consolidating after almost a month and a half has passed since the violent coup d'etat forced Honduran President Manuel Zelaya from power. The increased US military presence in Latin America has been perceived by a majority of nations in this hemisphere as a threat to stability and peace in the region. How does the Obama administration justify increasing the Pentagon's budget and investing almost $1 billion in its Latin American military operations this year?  (Full Article)

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Caracas Venezuela
"Dont Watch Televsion"

Cascadia to Caracas Evergreen Students
Speak at
Fundraiser for
PDX Venezuela Delegation 
Portland Oregon
on 8.15.09

Venezuelan Corporate News
Video Links / Coverage of our Delegation

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Our trip To Venezuela leaves from Antlanta

map to Venezuela

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click here to download file

Media in Venezuela report
The Media & Journalist in Venezuela update 8.23.09

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Brian Willson Speaking Event  10 video clips
A fundraiser speaking event in Portland Oregon for pdxvenezuela peace & media Delegation that is going to venezuela in September 2009
"Dan shea & Megan Hise" Introduction
"The Begining of My New Life" part 1
"The Train " part 2
"I Cant Wait for Congress" part 3
"taking Pins Off The Map" part 4
"Learning My First Lesson in Resistance" part 5

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News Updates

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Joe Anybody <me> introduces his film on 8.15.09
 At the Cascadia to Caracas fundraiser to help send a
Peace & Media Delegates to Venezuela in September 2009

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The Full Length Feature
 "Joe Anybodys Videos from the Front-Lines"

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Videographer Joe Anybody on KBOO

Joe Anybody Radio Interview
Just Right click - then "save target as"
To download the recent 19 minute audio file from that was recorded on 8.13 in Portland Oregon
In this interview Joe Anybody discusses his filming, anti war activism, and more social issues on KBOO community radio 90.7 FM

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Music at this event will be provide by
"The Restless Many"

Your Heaven

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Our website home page:
Our Facebook page:
Our Blog page:
Our Foundation:

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pdxvenezuela delegation

Celebration & Fundraiser
August 15
 Portland Art Museum Miller Gallery
4:00 - 6:00 PM 
This event was a success
Over 100 people attended
Over 800 dollars raised
Solidarity = Love

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Portland Indy Media Calendar Posting for event info
For this pdxvenezuela event on 8-15-09 click this link:

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August 1 2009

Cascadia to Caracas 


Portland, Or… 

Delegates from the Portland Venezuela Peace and Media delegation are hosting a fundraiser to support their upcoming trip to Venezuela.  The trip’s focus is part of the mission is to introduce U.S. peace activists to the variety of organizational forms and actions the Venezuelan people have built to achieve their political objectives. By learning from these examples, anti-war activists will be better prepared to creatively respond to the challenges that lie ahead in the US.  

The event will take place on August 15, from 4 pm to 6 pm at the Miller Gallery in the Mark Building at the Portland Art Museum. 

Suggested donation is $5 - $10.

Nobody turned away for lack of funds 

“This trip is an important connection to peace and justice activities in an area that has seen an increase in community organizing” says Joe Anybody, one of the delegation’s videographers who will be filming the delegation in action.  “ In documenting the delegation’s trip, I want to share what I learn in Venezuela with the people in Portland when I return.  I want to capture and share the organizing struggles of the people of Venezuela.  I’m excited to see firsthand what’s going on and to report back.” 

Joe Anybody is a Portland independent media videographer who has been making films about human rights issues for over 5 years.  He films activism of groups such as Seriously Pissed-Off Grannies, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, PDXpeace, Peace and Justice Works, PPRC, Individuals For Justice, Portland Copwatch and important Human Rights events in the Cascadia Region. 

The event will feature two students from Evergreen College who just returned from a trip to Venezuela.  Also featured will be a film by Joe Anybody, the first part of his “Cascadia to Caracas” two-part series.  Each members of the delegation will share a short summary of why they are on this delegation.  Live Music, refreshments and fun will follow the video. 

The Portland Venezuela Peace and Media delegation is part of a larger delegation to Venezuela hosted by PCASC, the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee.  PCASC, a Portland-based nonprofit organization, has been working for peace and justice in the Portland area and in solidarity with Latin America for over 30 years,  

“PCASC is excited about this trip,” says Megan Hise, of PSASC.  “Its another trip to Venezuela and we feel even more confident about achieving our goals.” 

For more information contact Joe Anybody at or Megan Hise at 

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Joe Anybody Videos
from The front-Lines

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I posted the following on our new Delegation's  blog page

August 15th Film

July 12, 2009 by pdxvenezuela

Peace, Justice, and Independent Media

 - A Video by

I have been putting together a video of the highlights from over 8oo videos I have compiled over the past few years. I am going to cover topics of: Independent media, police and activist interactions, 911 truth activist, And over a dozen different peace marches, Veterans for Peace Vigils, Iraq body Count Flag exhibits, Impeachment Protesting, The Sit-Lie Law Protesting at City Hall, Code Pink, and a Seriously Pissed Off Grannies anti war tribute.

I am also planning to edit-in the “Mothers Day Silent Vigil” and the short video of when the “Police Take My Camera” for the final film.

There is so much really good footage to sift through that its hard to pick one video and then not pick another.  There are so many great causes and actions that I have filmed and I would like to share but this time slot is limited.

I am trying to work the final video down to 45 minutes. But I have a feeling its going to run a tiny bit longer.

The music is still be arranged and the band slected will be posted here as soon as we know the details.

The event is going to open with a few conversations with the Evergreen College Delegation that just returned from Venezuela and they have some interesting things to share with us all. In solidarity and in the spirit of Cascadia and our ties with our interest with Latin America we are excited to have these speakers at our event.

This event will be in a average sized meeting room but if the crowd size is big we can move to the larger ball room which would be nice … an RSVP to will help us get a head count to organize and plan on what room we will be using.

There will be plenty of room for all our friends and fellow activist groups to have a table at this Cascadia to Caracas Event and to share their information … so if your interested in tabling we welcome you!


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click here to download Hugo Chavez Bio # 1

Small Marble 5

click here to download Hugo Chavez Bio # 2

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click here to download Hugo Chavez Bio # 3

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The website for the
"Delegation to Venezuela"
 in September 2009 is located here:

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Martin Sanchez
from the
Venezuela Consulate
Video filmed in Portland Oregon on 5.31.09

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((( i )))

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Founded in 1979, the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee educates and mobilizes community members, workers and students around struggles for human rights and social justice throughout  the Americas.



PCASC values building a sustainable progressive movement.  We believe that education, action and leaderhip are key components of building our movement and it is vital to invest in strengthening the political analysis and organizing skills of our members and volunteers.

PCASC supports communities in their struggles to control their own lives.  Our emphasis is on building direct relationships in the communities that we support and respond to their needs.  We use our resources to amplify community voices.

PCASC creates a space for those with anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist, and anti-racist values to build community and foster conversations about these values with other members of our community.


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Latin America
And the new
USA Military Base
an updated article on 6.2.09
or... try this link to their home page

New Military Base in Colombia Would Spread Pentagon Reach Throughout Latin America

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New Military Base in Colombia Would Spread Pentagon Reach Throughout Latin America PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Lindsay-Poland   
The Pentagon budget submitted to Congress on May 7, 2009 includes $46 million for development of a new U.S. military base in Palanquero, Colombia.

The official justification states that the Defense Department seeks "an array of access arrangements for contingency operations, logistics, and training in Central/South America."

The military facility in Colombia will give the United States military increased capacity for intervention throughout most of Latin America. The plan is being advanced amid tense relations between Washington and Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador, and despite both a long history and recent revelations about the Colombian military's atrocious human rights record.

President Obama told hemispheric leaders last month that "if our only interaction with many of these countries is drug interdiction—if our only interaction is military—then we may not be developing the connections that can over time increase our influence and have a beneficial effect."

In this Obama is on point. This base would feed a failed drug policy, support an abusive army, and reinforce a tragic history of U.S. military intervention in the region. It's wrong and wasteful, and Congress should scrap it.

The new facility in Palanquero, Colombia would not be limited to counter-narcotics operations, nor even to operations in the Andean region, according to an Air Mobility Command (AMC) planning document. The U.S. Southern Command (SouthCom) aims to establish a base with "air mobility reach on the South American continent" in addition to a capacity for counter-narcotics operations, through the year 2025.

With help from the Transportation Command and AMC, the SouthCom noted that "nearly half of the continent can be covered by a C-17 without refueling" from Palanquero. If fuel is available at its destination, "a C-17 could cover the entire continent, with the exception of the Cape Horn region," the AMC planners wrote.3

A U.S. Embassy spokesperson in Bogota said that negotiations are not yet concluded for the base.

The SouthCom is also pursuing access to a site in French Guiana that would permit military aircraft to reach sites in Africa, via the Ascension Islands, according to AMC.4 SouthCom apparently sought use of facilities in Recife, Brazil for the same purpose, but "the political relationship with Brazil is not conducive to the necessary agreements," AMC wrote.

The lease for the U.S. "Forward Operating Location" in Manta, Ecuador expires in November 2009, and Ecuador notified Washington last year that it would not renew the lease. The facility in Manta was authorized to conduct only counter-drug operations. Yet, according to military spokesmen, drug traffic in the Pacific—where aircraft from Manta patrolled—has increased in recent years.
5 U.S. forces in Manta also carried out operations to arrest undocumented Ecuadorans on boats in Ecuadoran waters. But public documentation of U.S. operations conducted from Manta does not indicate use of C-17 cargo aircraft, so their use in Palanquero apparently would represent an expanded U.S. military capacity in the region.

The "mission creep" in the proposal for continent-wide operations from Colombia is also evident in President Obama's foreign aid request for Colombia. While the budget request for $508 million tacitly recognizes the failure of Plan Colombia drug policy by cutting funds for fumigation of coca crops, the White House is asking for an increase in counterinsurgency equipment and training to the Colombian Army.

Colombian and U.S. human rights and political leaders have objected to continued funding of the Colombian army,7 especially after revelations that the army reportedly murdered more than 1,000 civilians and alleged they were guerrillas killed in combat, in order to increase their body count.8 The Palanquero base itself, which houses a Colombian Air Force unit, was banned from receiving U.S. aid for five years because of its role in a 1998 attack that killed 17 civilians, including six children, from the effects of U.S.-made cluster bombs.9 The United States resumed aid to the unit last year.

Colombian Defense Ministry sources said that Colombia was attempting to obtain increases in U.S. military aid as part of the base negotiations.
10 Palanquero offers the U.S. military a sophisticated infrastructure—a 10,000-foot runway, hangars that hold more than 100 aircraft, housing for more than 2,000 men, restaurants, casinos, supermarkets, and a radar system installed by the United States itself in the 1990s.11

Colombian activists also point out that a new base at Palanquero would reinforce the existing U.S. military presence at other bases in Colombia, such as Tres Esquinas and Tolemaida. "The militarization of Palanquero is an obstacle to effective and visionary peace initiatives such as those promoted by communities throughout the country, as well as to the humanitarian exchanges developed by Colombians for Peace," says Danilo Rueda of the Intercongregational Commission for Justice and Peace.12

"Colombian military bases where there are foreign—especially U.S.—soldiers, provide tangible evidence that in this country there is neither sovereignty, nor autonomy, nor independence," says the Medellín Youth Network. The Palanquero base, the Youth Network says, "is the political lobby, is the payment and the legal lie so that the armed conflict generated by social inequality may be turned over to others."13

U.S. law caps the number of uniformed U.S. soldiers operating in Colombia at 800, and the number of contractors at 600. Until last year, a significant number of them were intelligence personnel assigned to the effort to rescue three U.S. military contractors kidnapped by the leftist FARC guerrillas. With the rescue last year of the three contractors, many U.S. intelligence staff left Colombia, leaving space for soldiers to run operations in the prospective new U.S. base or bases.

Former defense minister and presidential candidate Rafael Pardo opposes the base. "That the Colombian government asks for a U.S. base now would be a serious error," he says.

Replacing one military base that was set up for the failed drug war with another base to intervene in South America and to support the abusive Colombian army would be a serious error for the United States as well.

End Notes

  1. CNN, "Obama: Summit of the Americas 'productive'," 19 April, 2009, at:
  2. "White Paper, Air Mobility Command, Global En Route Strategy," p. 22, preparatory document for Air Force Symposium 2009—AFRICOM, at
  3. Ibid.
  4. "Global En Route Strategy," p. 22.
  5. Chris Kraul, "Cocaine Culture Creeps into Ecuador," Los Angeles Times, October 5, 2007,
  6. Adam Isacson, "First Peek at the Obama Administration's 2010 Aid Request," 7 May 2009,; see also:
  7. In February 46 national and regional U.S. organizations urged Obama to terminate military aid to Colombia, while a letter from more than a hundred Colombian leaders urged a reformulation of policy, putting promotion of a negotiated end to the armed conflict at its center. See
  8. Nadja Drost, "In Colombia, Suspicious Deaths," Global Post, 11 May 2009, at: See also "426 militares han sido detenidos por ejecuciones extrajudiciales," Semana, 11 May 2009, at:
  9. Congregación Intercongregacional de Justicia y Paz, "Masacre en Santo Domingo, 13 de diciembre de 1998," at:
  10. "Con traslado de base de Manta," El Tiempo, 18 April 2009, at:
  11. "De Manta a Palanquero?" Cambio, 2 November 2008, at:
  12. Statement by Danilo Rueda, May 2009, at:
  13. Statement by Medellín Youth Network, May 2009, at:
  14. "De Manta a Palanquero?"

John Lindsay-Poland co-directs the Fellowship of Reconciliation Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean, in Oakland, California. He can be reached at johnlp(at)igc(dot)org.

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Please follow this link:
Please notify PCASC by email
to let them know
if you make a donation
to our Venezuela group
Feel free to
write to us snail mail at:
311 N. Ivy St. Portland, OR 97227
  Checks can be made out to
"Education Without Borders"
Your contribution is a tax deductable donation

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A tribute to our soldiers and a benefit for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Contributing artists; Utah Phillips, Holly Near, Tom Paxton, Dave Rovics and many more

  George Mann

Folksinger, Songwriter and Producer

  Performs Songs from “Until You Come Home”

  Friday, November 13 @ 7 PM

   The Airplay Cafe

 701 E. Burnside in Portland

   Two Sets, 7 & 8 PM; Phone: (503) 808-7908

    Suggested Admission $5-$10, all welcome regardless!

          For more information contact Dan Shea through this website

 Sponsored by Education WithOut Borders, Portland’s Veterans for Peace Chapter #72, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility




Lots of new stuff coming - check back real soon ya hear! 

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