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We are working on a wish list
Changes and Modifications will be forthcoming
For 2015 at
We all have wishes dont we?
2015 Wish List
For Joe Anybody.com
with the line item # below that your interested in supporting :

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These are suggested prices and are not necessary hard quotes.

It was to give a ball park idea on a suggested donation price.


Feel free to pick a line code # and tell us you want to support that code with a donation....or make up your own!


Fund it in full or just donate a fraction of the amount.

You can donate to a variety of these code #'s

Or specifically say where you want your donation to go to.


We are recently added the DONATION button to help make donations available through using a credit card.


Thanks for helping us over here at Joeanybody.com  do this indymedia video local community media coverage by how ever you can.


A simple smile is usually good enough and takes us a long way!

 LINE CODE #       wish item  donated when      $
joe.1 quality tripod[s] estimate for 2@ one time  $150.00
joe.2 camera batteries [Sony & JVC] estimated one time $100.00
joe.3 camera mono poles [2] estimated one time $80.00
joe.4 lap top estimated one time $450.00
joe.5 cell phone LIVE streaming - internet card-funds per month $55.00
joe.6 mobile charges 4 equipment one time $50.00
joe.7 waterproof covers 4 equipment one time $80.00
joe.8 stand alone Hard Drive[s] one time $150.00
joe.9 flash drive / thumb one time $50.00
joe.10 SD cards for cameras 2@ one time $80.00
joe.11 Card readers 2@ one time $25.00
joe.12 USB multi Hub one time $25.00
joe.13 computer UpGrade w/ editing HD Video software one time $900.00
joe.14 software / effects / converting / etc one time $150.00
joe.15 DVD blanks [100pk] DVD RW one time - for awhile $40.00
joe.16 Motorola walkie-talkie headset/mic [2] 2@ one time $50.00
joe.17 extra cell phone batteries [Hero Droid] one time $50.00
joe.18 web embedded player with back up server one time $60.00
joe.19 copy machine funds - graphics & flyers promotions one time - for awhile $40.00
joe.20 website maintaining and funding for sustainability per month $20.00
joe.21 hats / Log0 / shirts & coats for crew and sponsors one time $100.00
joe.22 fund for special events - video showing - promotions estimated future $50.00

Joe Anybody Wish List 2015

I am providing my "wish list" and an easy way to help me be successful in documenting the peace and justice movement. All donations will be used as you specify or toward a line item and your solidarity is deeply respected.
I have included on my website a list of needs (wishes) Take a look and see if you find a line item you want to help support Joe Anybody.com with...

Thanks for helping this average joe be the media and to be able to "cover the real news" in our communities

If you cant donate we understand, we want you to know that just your smile and nod of appreciation our direction, is good enough.

Wanna help?
Email me at:

Thank You For The Solidarity


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