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In 2008 the Portland Police
Take Joe Anybodys Camera

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Eugene Police Bring Out Mobile Camera 10/2018
Police Camera Spying in Eugene Oregon

Eugene police install
Mobile Spy Cameras
Oct 2018


Three Eugene police surveillance trailers are keeping watch on areas of downtown.

The trailers; loaded with high-definition cameras; were set to debut at Kesey Square on the intersection of Broadway and Willamette Street, at Broadway and Olive Street, and in the Park Blocks at Eighth Avenue and Oak Street, Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner said Friday.

“We think that gives us the best opportunity for the public to get used to seeing these, he said. It gives us the best opportunity for people to know that this is going to be a part of the landscape.

The three trailers cost Eugene police a combined $152,000, according to the department. Each trailer holds three high-definition cameras that have infrared capabilities for recording at night. Police will be able to control the cameras with smartphones or tablets.

Initially, police wont be monitoring live video from the trailers, said Melinda McLaughlin, Eugene police spokeswoman. Instead, officers will be able to check footage recorded by computers linked to the cameras. The trailers can record sound, she added, but police dont plan to listen for now they only plan to review video if needed.

The whole point of this is not trying to sneak up on people, as you can tell, Skinner said. They are (marked with decals) and branded and marketed to be Eugene Police Department is in the area. We care about your safety. Were going to keep an eye on things for you. And thats exactly the message we are trying to send to people.

Police will move and set up the trailers at special events, crime scenes and elsewhere around the city, Eugene police Lt. Doug Mozan said. We have the versatility to pull these just about anywhere we need, he said.

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2011 to 2016

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TRI MET UN ARREST on Wednesday

Step off the train I am intimidating you with my AUTHORITY

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City Hall - Riot Cops 5 PM News Update on Wednesday

City Hall Riot Cops 5PM Update on Wednesday 10.12.16

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No Prisons Protest
Portland Oregon

On Friday, September 9th, people across Portland and Northwest will converge in Downtown Portland in solidarity with the US wide prison work strike against prison slavery and white supremacy. Our goal is a mass showing of support with the growing prison rebellion in the US and to also march on the corporations in the Downtown area that make massive profits off of prisoner enslavement.

The strike, which starts officially on September 9th, the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising, is historic. The strike is being led by groups such as the Free Alabama Movement, Free Texas Movement, Free Ohio Movement, Free Virginia Movement, Free Mississippi Movement, and many more. Prisoners have asked that supporters hold noise demonstrations outside jails and prisons, protest, disrupt, and demonstrate outside of corporations that profit from prison labor, and also support the strike that is happening across the US.

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~ The Whole World is Watching ~

Two Alameda County sheriff's deputies



NOVEMBER 13 2015

Video opens with cops chasing Stanislav Petrov, then tackling him, then beating him endlessly


"Every baton strike they will have to answer for," the sheriff said.

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~ The Whole World is Watching ~
Sad / Sick Police Work By Austin Police



Austin cops beat up men after they "crossed against the light."


[Full Archived Text: of this sad police incident in Austin]

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Race Talks 2 - Community and Police Relations

Filmed at Madison High School on Feb 22 2016 This conversation event is open to the public and consists of citizens and police and a panel led discussion.

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Use of Force Training - Portland Police 2016

Citizen Training Advisory Work Group in Portland Oregon hears about the "Use of Force Training program" by the Portland Police. https://youtu.be/T_0jolZA0CE

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Policestate at Rose Garden

Fare check gate is set up At the Rose Garden / Moda center. As we pull up I see 3 police cars and then later by the platform I see more cops standing around watching. This was 3/23/16 at 6:04pm - Moda Center MAX stop. Folks getting off the Max are funneled thru a "Fare Check" gate. https://youtu.be/7gS9XKi2SZM

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Trimet gateway so many police cars

Lots of cop cars at Gateway Transit Center on 3.23.16 around 6:15 PM. A few cops appear as I walk back by. https://youtu.be/7nncy89ubsA

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Protesting the Citizens Crime Commission Fundraiser in Portland

The Citizens Crime Commission, which recently appointed former Portland Police Chief Mike Reese as its executive director, is holding on 4.1.16 a charity event for $1000 per person which focuses on violent police tactics. While the non-profit talks about wanting to "improve civility and strengthen crime," the invitation-only event "Meet the Heat" reads more like an invitation to fetishize cops and robbers mentality. https://youtu.be/A6TKk19XMOo

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Robert West: Cops Move Back FTP Archive Project

The police tell the cameraman to move back.

This is an out take from the video by Robert West https://youtu.be/jBg7IOuEeaQ

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Portland Copwatching
"A man with NO knife"

Man in Green {jacket} in this video, [after being released] tells me somebody reported him .... as a person that was threatening people in the park.
When in fact he was "the victim" and was threatened by "a man with a knife" in the South Park Blocks

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Copwatch Ferguson 2015 Organizing

Meet The Canfield Watchmen (Ferguson Copwatch)

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Homeless Crime Victim Harassed by the Portland Cops

I was with Film The Police Bob (FTP) around Overlook park around 9am when we seen a cop car pull into the park, we walked over to see what they were up to. The homeless lady in the park said that the cops left when they seen us two walking up, she also told us about a lot of crappy things that were going on and how mistreated she felt over a variety of failing systems and services. The police hassling folks like her is not warranted nor needed.

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Cops Stop Wrong Guy at Gateway Tri-Met

The police pull up and get out of their unmarked car, to detain a young man at Gateway Transit Center. They look over their "wanted flyers" and then "run his name" ...only to my amazement he is not the guy they wanted.

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Cops swarm Tri Met Max Platform - False Alarm There Was No Gun

6 cops swarmed onto the Max platform and had their guns / tazers out on a man who they "thought had a gun" ... The man had a cell phone and there was no gun.

Cops Swarm Tri Met Max Platform - False Alarm Ther


Copwatching on Trimet in SW Portland

Copwatching while riding on Trimet MAX line in SW Portland

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Keaton Otis Memorial 5 Years

Since his homicide by Portland police, the community monthly held a vigil at the site of the killing, demanding Justice for Keaton Otis.


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Ferguson Solidarity Protests
in Portland Oregon

All my video footage is on
this YouTube Playlist here:



VIDEO:Ferguson Solidarity Portland Police Officer Fun Boy

Officer Fender who was called "Officer Fun Boy" earlier in the video, pushes me back with his baton as he tells me to move back. I was already on the sidewalk and did not appreciate the interaction in this abusive disrespectful manner. This type of interaction and abuse of power and weapons on unarmed citizens / journalists is illegal and un-called for.

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VIDEO: Ferguson Solidarity: Not Guilty 11.25.14. out-take. 2 Arrested in Portland Oregon -

http://youtu.be/M7s1HRqELkI (OUT-Take video 4:33 minutes)

After a long march through NE SW and NW PDX in the streets (The 2nd) Ferguson Solidarity march (Not the AMA march) was in front of PGE park on the sidewalks and spilling into the street when this video was taken. Portland Cops arrest 2 protesters at Ferguson Solidarity march on Tuesday night.
Not sure why these 2 people were "snatched" or singled out.
The bike police casually sneak along the side to bum rush the crowd.
The protesters apparently had ended their march and were standing around for about 20 minutes.

Around 8:30 PM a gang of Cops On Bikes slide in from north side and snatch / attack the protesters - 2 arrested.


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Knuckle Head: Portland: copwatching an arrest on 10th ave.       

I arrive when a man is being stuffed into the police car.
I was informed by a witness that said the "transit" police arrived and immediately called out to the suspect as "Hey Knuckle Head".

After the arrest police sergeant, asks me for my name, what I saw and for a copy of the video [or] a way to download it.
I inform her that I am filming for police accountability, and when asked for my name I would rather not give it up 

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Hands Up Dont Shoot -
Portland Solidarity w/ Ferguson -
Traffic Stopped at freeway
100 people gathered in Holladay Park on Labor Day 8.1.14 in Portland Oregon in SOLIDARITY! with Ferguson Mo.

The march went across the street (in the street), then through the biggest indoor mall on the West coast (Lloyd Center) and then back into the streets, (NE Broadway) blocking the entire street with no police in sight (thus no violence) the 100 people walked toward the Broadway bridge, at 2:30 pm in solidarity w/ the request fro thos in Ferguson the group stopped and blocked traffic. Although talk was to 'head to the bridge' a quick change in plan resulted in the "freeway on-ramp going north to I-5 was shut down by a "Sit-In" for about 10 minutes".

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Stop Dont Shoot.
Portland Dawson Park
Ferguson Solidarity  
Police shooting a young unarmed man in Ferguson Missouri and the treatment of the community who rose up in protest over the killing has caused national attention and outrage. Citizens of Portland Oregon gather in the park, out of concern for police accountability and community safety. The stood in unity and in Solidarity with the community of Ferguson Missouri in public... to demand and end to police violence and the abuse of their authority leveraged on the people they were sworn to protect and serve. This gathering was open to anybody who wanted to speak. The rally started slowly and eventually grew in size with over 100 people. There is a Facebook page "Stop Don't Shoot Portland" and there will be an email list anybody can join to stay in contact and to unite. [more info and links forthcoming asap]

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Portland Solidarity w Ferguson Community - Pioneer Square
Police shooting a young unarmed man in Ferguson Missouri and the treatment of the community who rose up in protest over the killing has caused national attention and outrage. In Portland Oregon a couple hundred gather in Pioneer Square.

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Portland Copwatch, an organization promoting police accountability since 1992,
has been denied a meeting with Mayor/Police Commissioner Charlie Hales after
three months of back-and-forth with his scheduler and police liaison. Although
the group has met with every Chief and Mayor since its creation, the current
Commissioner seems to be shutting out the organization, after meeting with them a year ago on July 22, 2013.

Portland Copwatch (a project of Peace and Justice Works)
> PO Box 42456
> Portland, OR 97242
> (503) 236-3065 (office)
> (503) 321-5120 (incident report line)
>  copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org
>  http://www.portlandcopwatch.org


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Cop Watching and CHIERS Watching:
South Park blocks
This was filmed in the South Park blocks in Portland.
The man was intoxicated and the police were on site
waiting for the detox CHIERS unit to pick him up.
The officer was trying to say I had an agenda and they
were there to help. I remind the officer I'm filming due
to police sometimes hurting people as like when James Chasse was killed by the Portland police.

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CHIERS: Here to Help [hurt] You
- [man on sidewalk]
Causing pain to a person in need, while sent to help them, is wrong!
Filmed on June 5 2014 in Portland Oregon on SW 10th & Salmon
The man needed help ....this is not the right type of help to provide to a person passed out on a sidewalk, the pain tactics used to move this man on the ground to the van, by the Chier's employee were uncalled for and not necessary. A stretcher to roll the person who was unconscious or passed out on, and then lifting them into the van would be more prudent, human and dignified. Hurting a person who is non violent is not appropriate. Its a violation of this mans rights.

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Film The Police

Film The Police Portland is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that focuses on police accountability through filming police encounters in the community.
We intend to achieve our goals by growing our numbers of video activists so we can cover the entire downtown area of Portland Oregon!

"Power Tripping Cop Scared of A Camera" These cops need training - Very Piss Poor Attitude by these Police (Portland Parole Officers - Sherriff's) - The Whole World Is Watching how they act in Portland Oregon - filmed in April 2014

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[quote] We, the people, urge everyone to take action against this sort of abuse and to put an end to this decline toward a police state. We ask you to videotape and record the police during their daily duties. If you see an officer issuing a parking ticket, record him. If you see an officer holding a victim at gun point, record him. If you see an officer harassing a fellow protester, record him. The police watch us with dash mounted cameras, street cameras, red light cameras and even remote mobile cameras. It's time the watchers become watched. It's time the abusers are held accountable. As the authorities say of us; "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.".

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Glenn Greenwald @ EP LIBE EPinquiry  

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FBI  - Fake Terror Plots

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Citizen Journalism
And The
Fight To Preserve
The 1st Amendment       
 Published on Apr 28, 2013

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RELEASE US - a short film on police brutality by Charles Shaw
 (feat. Random Rab)       

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Copwatching / Ranger Watching
South Park Blocks       
No sleeping bags (unrolled) in the park

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Copwatching on SW 10th st. Portland Oregon     
Police Arrest Man on 10th street

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Cop Watching in Chapman Park in Portland Oregon

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Portland Park Ranger on 3 Wheels
This is the first that I have seen of a vehicle like this, used by the park rangers, in Portland Oregon. A city park ranger is riding on a 3 wheel (scooter) in the south west park blocks in June 2013 http://youtu.be/n17CqlfxwSc       

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Pitch A Tent Rose Festival Protest 2013 - Joe Anybody & Radical Richard Copwatching       
2013 Rose Festival Parade - Pitch A Tent Protest on 4th street highlighting the injustice of sidewalk laws that impact houseless people and their civil and human rights. Also there is some Copwatching being done by Joe Anybody and Radical Richard around this area.  http://youtu.be/-BkVQ2h6k0I

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Police Horse Shit at Lunch Time
By Meals on Wheels  
The poor horse had to go - trouble is the cops leave this shit all over town - this was filmed around lunch time in front of Meals on Wheels on SW 12th street in downtown Portland. Retire the Horses to pastures and clean up your mess in the mean time.  http://youtu.be/X3bO8Sy1MIg

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2010 (re-make/out-take)
What Are You Hiding? 
Cops (Homeland Security)
Ask Joe Anybody in 2010
What Are You Hiding? Cops Ask Joe Anybody in 2010
Homeland Security Ask Joe Anybody for his ID at a protest against torture
"What are you hiding from?" they ask which is - {one of Joe's favorites}

Full video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwSv2...
Know Your Rights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsAEpw...

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Portland Appeal Hearing
CRC (Citizens Review Committee)
Police Accountability - charges of profanity and illegal search, new charges may arise from this hearing. This case is still open.

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Unpermitted Does Not Mean Police Can Hurt People 2013 Portland Oregon Video


Unpermitted March does not mean the police can now hurt the people for public safety. This is a video with clips taken from the recent 2.14.13 unpermitted One Billion Rising March, recently in Portland in which the police treated peacefully the unpermitted marchers *this time.  In contrast:  There is out-takes added from May Day 2012 and from the N3 Austerity march in 2012 that were both unpermitted marches... where folks who were protesting were then pepersprayed, blocked and tackled by the police. [while in the street trying to march]




Unpermitted Does Not Mean Police Can Hurt People 2013 Portland Oregon 

Unpermitted March does not mean the police can now hurt the people for public safety.

This is a video with clips taken from the recent 2.14.13 unpermitted One Billion Rising March, recently in Portland in which the police treated peacefully the unpermitted marchers *this time. 

In contrast: There is out-takes added from May Day 2012 and from the N3 Austerity march in 2012 that were both unpermitted marches... where folks who were protesting were then pepersprayed, blocked and tackled by the police. [while in the street trying to march] 

There is also a short out-takes from 2008 when the police took my camera, whereupon I filed a lawsuit and changed the policy regarding filming the police in public [and] I got my camera back, [plus $3,000 in lawyer fees and a tiny token 100 bucks for my personal fee]

The point of this video is to highlight the peaceful marches and the ones where their has been a (uncalled for) call for violence orchestrated by the police, which usually always is justified by them, by using words like; public safety, and anarchist [?] being involved, [etc.] The video from Veterans Day highlights the "A" word concern expressed by Officer Friendly (inches from my face) The police were there, for the possible Veterans "unpermitted march" {that didn't happen]

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One Billion Rising
The Rally, Speeches, Drumming,
Dancing, Singing and marching in
Portland Oregon - Global Solidarity


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Michelle's ~ out-take of just her presentation     


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4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint guards go nuts KICK in car door

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Uploaded on Jun 21, 2008

An law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police. 

Dont Talk to Police


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Portland Copwatch 

rubber hammer 

DOJ Agreement 


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Cops To Congress: We Need Logs of Americans' Text Messages

Posted by Soulskill
from the you-can-trust-us dept.

{Original Article Link Is Here}
Dainsanefh tips a CNET report about a number of law enforcement groups who have put forth a proposal to the U.S. Senate to require wireless providers to keep logs of subscriber text messages for a minimum of two years[ http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57556704-38/cops-to-congress-we-need-logs-of-americans-text-messages/ ]
"As the popularity of text messages has exploded in recent years, so has their use in criminal investigations and civil lawsuits. They have been introduced as evidence in armed robbery, cocaine distribution, and wire fraud prosecutions. In one 2009 case in Michigan, wireless provider SkyTel turned over the contents of 626,638 SMS messages, a figure described by a federal judge as 'staggering.' Chuck DeWitt, a spokesman for the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association, which represents the 63 largest U.S. police forces including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, said 'all such records should be retained for two years.' Some providers, like Verizon, retain the contents of SMS messages for a brief period of time, while others like T-Mobile do not store them at all. Along with the police association, other law enforcement groups making the request to the Senate include the National District Attorneys' Association, the National Sheriffs' Association, and the Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies, DeWitt said."

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click picture to go to original story

Supreme Court rejects plea
to ban taping of police in Illinois
Phone interview with ACLU legal director Harvey Grossman as he reacts to the recent Supreme Court ruling. Content edited for time.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal of a controversial Illinois law prohibiting people from recording police officers on the job.

By passing on the issue, the justices left in place a federal appeals court ruling that found that the state's anti-eavesdropping law violates free-speech rights when used against people who audiotape police officers.

A temporary injunction issued after that June ruling effectively bars Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez from prosecuting anyone under the current statute. On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union, which brought the lawsuit against Alvarez, asked a federal judge hearing the case to make the injunction permanent, said Harvey Grossman, legal director of the ACLU of Illinois.

Grossman said he expected that a permanent injunction would set a precedent across Illinois that effectively cripples enforcement of the law.

Alvarez's office will be given a deadline to respond to the ACLU request, but on Monday, Sally Daly, a spokeswoman for Alvarez, said a high court ruling in the case could have provided "prosecutors across Illinois with legal clarification and guidance with respect to the constitutionality and enforcement" of the statute.

Illinois' eavesdropping law is one of the harshest in the country, making audio recording of a law enforcement officer — even while on duty and in public — a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Public debate over the law had been simmering since last year. In August 2011, a Cook County jury acquitted a woman who had been charged with recording Chicago police internal affairs investigators she believed were trying to dissuade her from filing a sexual harassment complaint against a patrol officer.

Judges in Cook and Crawford counties later declared the law unconstitutional, and the McLean County state's attorney cited flaws in the law when he dropped charges in February against a man accused of recording an officer during a traffic stop.

Alvarez argued that allowing the recording of police would discourage civilians from speaking candidly to officers and could cause problems securing crime scenes or conducting sensitive investigations.

But a federal appeals panel ruled that the law "restricts far more speech than necessary to protect legitimate privacy interests."

Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has said he would favor a change allowing citizens to tape the police and vice versa.

Meanwhile, several efforts to amend the statute in Springfield have stalled in committee amid heavy lobbying from law enforcement groups in favor of the current law.

Tribune reporter Liam Ford contributed    jmeisner@tribune.com

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11.8.12 - [video]
The New Jim Crow Race Policing Social Control in Portland
Community leaders will discuss issues ranging from the scathing Department of Justice review of the Portland Police Bureau, Police violations of civil liberties, and the stereotyping of Black youth and offer solutions to these problems. http://youtu.be/IEwG6mFwjrU

click on picture for video

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Warned Not To Post Police Brutality Videos
Published on Aug 14, 2012 by

The Very next day I was home invaded. Illegally they have no warrant as you see by the video. I had just left hospital day before this and the police warned me to remove the videos I posted from them brutally assaulting me and I lost my spleen and other assorted guts to police brutality. I posted the videos and was then warned to take them down or else. Again the very next day they broke in my home illegally and Assaulted me as you see by this video. I'll take a lie detector test to confirm what you already know is true. Coral Springs Police are as corrupt as any other police force you have an encounter with. Many police encounters are deadly. I almost dies at the hands of coral springs police and also their fire rescue paramedics. All are sick and sadistic and care nothing about you, your family, your home or your lives. They care not if you die in their care... It's become very sick in these times your aware now of the truth. This video is one that survived the police deleting. They beat me in cuffs and deleted as many videos as they cared to delete. They left behind a few and I've posted them. The truth hurts.
Be well people pass on love today!

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Message to All Police Officers From a Police Officer Occupy Wall Street 


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Police Accountability & statnding in Solidarity with Ananiem Ca!
Portland - over 150 people march in solidarity with the citizens being abused by Anaheim police and to call for Portland Polce to be accountable and to respect the community and all the many races and cultures in our city. We want justice and we want peace in our communities, not violence and opression by those who should be "protecting and serving" our communities.

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M.O.M.S. and the Police
7.23.12 Portland Oregon

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Get On The Sidewalk
mAy dAy unpermitted march
music added to previous clip
Portland police and public safety farce on May day
Music track added


Portland May Day
All videos are here:

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Citizen Police Accountability Meeting
With Occupy Portland and others 
Jan 25 2012 [80 minute video]

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By Steve Silverman
April 10, 2012
Last week 4/2012 the City of Boston agreed to pay Simon Glik $170,000 in damages and legal fees to settle a civil rights lawsuit stemming from his 2007 felony arrest for videotaping police roughing up a suspect. Prior to the settlement, the First Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that Glik had a "constitutionally protected right to videotape police carrying out their duties in public." The Boston Police Department now explicitly instructs its officers not to arrest citizens openly recording them in public.

Slowly but surely the courts are recognizing that recording on-duty police is a protected First Amendment activity. But in the meantime, police around the country continue to intimidate and arrest citizens for doing just that. So if you're an aspiring cop watcher you must be uniquely prepared to deal with hostile cops.

If you choose to record the police you can reduce the risk of terrible legal consequences and video loss by understanding your state's laws and carefully adhering to the following rules.

Read all these important seven tips here:


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My older joe anybody pages
My Police Videos

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Joe Anybody Police Videos

Providing Police Transparency & Accountability

 To the joe anybody citizens in the community they serve


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This 10.5.10 discussion I taped was at the weekly police
training presentation at Portland City Hall.
It was done for the benefit of the citizens review committee.
Showing your ID or "consenting to a search"
you are "not" obligated to do.
Unless your under some kind of level of
investigation, or are being arrested
or detained for questions, etc
Know Your Rights ((( i ))) The Police and a Converstaions with you
Video training film for the citizen / police oversight committiee
Presented by the Portland Police on 10.5.10 - open to the public.
Worth watching!

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West Point Grad Arrested For

Defending Woman Abused By Austin Police

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Are you required to produce ID

if a cop demands it?


By Carlos Miller -...

In the above video, a news videographer is standing on public property when approached by a cop who demands his identification (starting at 1:40).

The videographer refuses to provide his identification on the grounds that he is not doing anything illegal.

The cop, of course, gets irritated and calls for more cops.

But the videographer continues to refuse. And he continues to film, much to the dismay of the cop who comically places his hat in front of the lens.

Did the videographer have the legal right to refuse to provide ID?


But only because he was not being lawfully detained (the key word being “lawfully” as the officer did tell him he was being detained at 4:20).

After several minutes of bullying, the videographer was allowed to leave without producing his identification because they really had no reasonable suspicion to detain him.

However, he was ordered to leave the area when it is clear from the video that other civilians are casually strolling the same area. That was another unlawful order.

But at that point, he probably didn’t want to push his luck.

He was in Texas, after all.

Contrary to what some might believe, there is no federal law mandating that we must provide identification when asked by police.

However, several states have “stop and identify” statutes that require people to produce identifications if they are being legally detained. And police can only legally detain you if they have a reasonable suspicion you have committed or are about to commit a crime.

Texas recently joined the ranks of states that have these statutes. And the following 24 states also have stop and identify statutes, according to Wikipedia.

Alabama Ala. Code 15-5-30

Arizona Ari. Rev. Stat. Tit. 13, Ch. 24-12 (enacted 2005)

Arkansas Ark. Code Ann. 5-71-213(a)(1)

Colorado Colo. Rev. Stat. 16-3-103(1)

Delaware Del. Code Ann., Tit. 11, 1902, 1321(6)

Florida Fla. Stat. 856.021(2)

Georgia Ga. Code Ann. 16-11-36(b) (loitering statute)

Illinois Ill. Comp. Stat., ch. 725, 5/107-14

Indiana Indiana Code 34-28-5-3.5

Kansas Kan. Stat. Ann. 22-2402(1)

Louisiana La. Code Crim. Proc. Ann., Art. 215.1(A)

Missouri Mo. Rev. Stat. 84.710(2)

Montana Mont. Code Ann. 46-5-401

Nebraska Neb. Rev. Stat. 29-829

Nevada Nev. Rev. Stat. 171.123

New Hampshire N. H. Rev. Stat. Ann. 594:2

New Mexico N. M. Stat. Ann. 30-22-3

New York N. Y. Crim. Proc. Law (CPL) 140.50 (1)

North Dakota N.D. Cent. Code 29-29-21 (PDF)

Ohio Ohio Rev. Code 2921.29 (enacted 2006)

Rhode Island R. I. Gen. Laws 12-7-1

Utah Utah Code Ann. 77-7-15

Vermont Vt. Stat. Ann., Tit. 24, 1983

Wisconsin Wis. Stat. 968.24

The Wikipedia entry breaks down police interactions into three categories; consensual, detention and arrest.

A consensual interaction is no different than an interaction between two civilians on the street. It gives the cop the right to ask the civilian questions, but it also gives the right for the civilian to refuse to answer those questions, including providing identification.

A detention interaction is where a person is being legally detained, meaning the officer needs to have some sort of reasonable suspicion that the person is involved in a crime. This is generally known as a “Terry Stop.” In the states that have stop and identify laws, the person could be arrested for refusing to provide identification.

The arrest interaction is when police have probable cause to arrest a person, which requires more evidence than mere reasonable suspicion. This, of course, allows the officer to search the person for identification once the arrest is made. If the suspect does not have identification, it could be illegal to refuse to identify oneself depending on the jurisdiction. You might remember last year’s article about a New Hampshire man who spent several weeks in jail for refusing to provide his real name.

Some police apologists might argue that if a person refuses to provide identification during a consensual argument, then that automatically turns it into a detention interaction because it gives the cop reasonable suspicion that he is trying to hide something.

But even an article written by a senior legal advisor from the Plano, Texas Police Department published in The Police Chief, described as the “Professional Voice of Law Enforcement,” confirms that an officer must be engaged in a Terry Stop before he can demand identification.

To further confound things, the rules supposedly differ when a person is operating a vehicle because state laws usually require people to produce identification upon request.

But even that has been challenged by a couple of Arizona activists who were arrested after refusing to comply with authorities after having been stopped at Border Patrol check points, including one who recently had his charges dismissed.


Take a couple of minutes and vote for Photography is Not a Crime in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best of Blogs Awards contest. The main category is the Best Overall Blog category. That’s the grand prize.

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Joe Anybody Reports:
on Portland Police Accidental Beanbag Shotgun Shooting
When Dane Reister took my camera and ticketed me, I filed a tort claim and won. The city changed their policy to allow the public to film the police in public. Wow! I had to fight for my right to film, which is my free speech. This officer reaction to me or others that are watching him, is ugly and disturbing. So now that same officer shoots a 20 year old 4 times with his beanbag [?] gun, BUT its loaded with real LIVE shotgun shells - This report is my opinion of officer Dane Reister.

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Police arrest lady in downtown.
The police say "Hi Joe" as they drive by me when leaving with the arrested (?) lady, the next cop waves to the camera as he drives by. A related article about this same group of over zelous cops is posted here on indymedia  http://youtu.be/X2pFW9zGS_E

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Uploaded by on Jan 8, 2012

Photographer arrested for just taking pictures at #OO protest. Followed police orders to step back yet was still arrested. All these officers should be fired for infringing on people's constitutional rights. This is a duplicate in case the original gets taken down.

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2011 Recent Police / Camera Filming Issue / Discussion

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police lose control of the streets
to black bloc
London March 26 2011

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Part one of two videos

(1) 1/3/11 Portland Anarchists marched 2 miles down the middle of the streets in Portland Oregon to show their disgust and outrage over all the police shoots and murder. The police shoot people and deaths is rising. The 65 Anarchists march past a bank and a couple of people leave their message on the front doors. The march continues, towards the police station with a few dumpsters blocking the street and loud chants directed at the police for killing citizens.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c7KB2O-Av8 (1)


 Part two of two videos

(2) 1/3/11 The Anarchists are marching up NE 47th street to the NE police station, the police arrive behind them in cars ordering them out of the streets. they continue chanting anti police violence chants and stay in the street. A few re-cycle bins and garbage cans tossed in the street for the police to drive around. The march walks on sidewalk in front of the police stations, chanting yelling and then disappears into the night... with 60 police all armed and standing around the front of their building.

https://www.youtube.com/user/zebra334#p/a/u/1/QieSAJODJcg (2)

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2/14/11 Copwatcher gets $40,ooo from cops taking his camera

Atlanta Copwatch win case on Filming the Police
40,000 fine for the city / police
Atlanta News 7:32 p.m. Thursday, February 10, 2011
APD won't hinder citizens who videotape cops
By Bill Rankin The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Faced with complaints from a citizen watchdog group, Atlanta police
will stop interfering with people who videotape officers performing
their duties in public, an agreement reached with the city Thursday

The settlement, which also calls for the city to pay $40,000 in
damages, requires city council approval.

The agreement resolves a complaint filed by Marlon Kautz and Copwatch
of East Atlanta, a group that films police activity with cell phones
and hand-held cameras. The group has volunteers who go out on patrols
and begin videotaping police activity when they come across it.

Last April, Kautz said, he pulled out his camera phone and began
recording Atlanta police who were arresting a suspect in Little Five
Points. Two officers approached him and said he had no right to be
filming them, Kautz said. When Kautz refused to stop, one officer
wrenched Kautz's arm behind his back and yanked the camera out of his hands, he said.
(read more)

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(80 minute video)
This was a Community Oversight of Portland Police meeting that over 50 people attended. Most were there to tell how they were treated by the police while participating in Occupy Portland march on January 25. Over a dozen people tell what happened to them or what they seen that was inappropriate, unprofessional, unethical, and illegal. There is also testimony from other police citizen related concerns. The meeting was in progress when I started taping so I missed the first 30 minute.

All new 2011 content will be posted at the top of this page. Not posted out of hatred or spite - posted to help promote honest justice. Posted to provide transparency and accountabilityfor community   ~joe 

No Justice! No Peace! - Respect!


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