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Hello... all the videos from my trip to DC are so far on only YouTube.



On 3/20/10 in the Park across from the White House the protest gathered
The speeches started the protest out, there were over a dozen speakers
Those video clips are now all in one playlist on YouTube here:
Filmed in Washington DC on March 20 2010
These are the speeches from the park
Unfortunatly, I didnt get any of the speakers names
The protest was organized by the ANSWER COLIATION
The Protest March Followed:
Video coming soon

I will be creating various "playlist" that will package a group of videos together.

So far "Funk The War" playlist is completed here:



I hope to put together (Soon!) a longer video that will weave together some of these smaller clips.

I am still uploading footage from my trip to DC and today is 6.29.11 - so check back often






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Last updated: 06-29-2011