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March 26 / 27

My last two days in DC - No peace activism - coffees, beers, music and TV (I'm going crazy)

Well on Friday the 26thI lounged around the Hostel all day, very comfortable place with a great host and neat people coming and going day in and day out. I actually watched some TV (yuck) and then went out to a Rock n Roll bar in the neighborhood. Believe it or not they had a "spelling bee" (WTF?) The winner got a  60$ bar credit (3rd prize a framed 50 cent photo) Ha!…I made it home by 11:00 pm.

On Saturday March 27th I slept till 10:00 …got up and went 3 doors down to my coffe shop and talked with the owner like I did every morning. We talk politics, hes and older guy and knows a good bit of world history. I like getting out of bed …walking 3o yards and 1/2 asleep talking politics …this I could get used to.

This morning there were two young ladies in there getting breakfast and waiting to go out into the poorer part of town to do volunteer social activism, like needle exchange, birth control, medial needs etc... I was pretty proud of these gals to be concerned and out and about doing this...I almost wanted to go with them.

Instead I went down to the area where The Empire Big House is again.
I walked around aimlessly a tourist
I got a coffee mocha ...I got some lunch .... I had a beer
The fun was when i was drinking a beer at some rather fancy big bar on 11th and H street and sat next to a businessman, where upon I strike up the conversation, "do you live here? I then started telling him how I cam top protest the war and before you know it I'm talking about Latin America, Capitalism, Anti War, social change and Independent Media. We have a good conversation, he agrees with most of my perspectives on a general level, I leave him with my card

On my way back past the big white building with guards all around it (The Empires Big House) I briefly stop by the lady who is protesting out front for the past 30 years. She has a vigil she has maintained throughout the various are mongers who move into the Empires House. The original guy who started it years ago named Thomas, has passed away, she speaks very highly of him. She tells me he (and her as well) have sacrificed lots. Arrests, tickets court appearance, weather,a and fascist oppression. I filmed her the day before (video coming soon) > I smiled at her and said "remember me? ...she nodded and said "yes" .... I said "I love You and will tell the world what you told me" ..she nodded and smiled .... I walked away with a tear in my eye.

Before I got to my bus stop I seen a group of all black men and women with signs standing in a group talking. I approached one on the outer circled and asked if I could film her and her sign, as I asked her what their protest was about. Before I knew it I had a small gathering of their members telling me about the bloody oppression in their nation of Togo in Africa
( )
The link on Wikipedia doesn't tell us much ...they had some passionate information that I was very happy to record... for helping them get their message out.
I gave away about 1/2 dozen of my calling cards.

I then got on the bus ...made it home, packed my bags, ate, showered and now am watching the clock
I will go on the bus.... to the subway ...then take the subway to the Airport.... wait there till 4 am which is 2 hours early .... then catch the plane
Should be in Oregon by noon

I have about 25 hours of video footage to edit....
I also had a last minute request by a local DC POTA member that wanted me to film outside of the Daily Show on the street regarding anti war interviews
I told them I couldn't due to my travel plans ...

What an adventure.... what a city ..... what a pity
I still am --> posting all my DC twitter tweets on the  DC - MY OPINION  page
Solidarity = Love




CAMP OUT NOW / POTA is finished till June 2010




Camp is Gone, but not for Long!       by Cindy Sheehan

Posted on

by dandelionsalad

by Cindy Sheehan
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Blog
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
March 26, 2010

Well, our great experiment didn’t go as well as we planned here in DC. My vision was a Peace Camp that would serve the needs of the campers as far as housing and food were concerned (that part worked) and the campers would then commit aggressive acts of civil resistance (that part didn’t) in the nation’s capital to shut down the violent military-corporate empire that we live in. In the opinion of members of Peace of the Action, living here in the US gives us special responsibilities for stopping it.

Anyway, we had hundreds of people come through camp over the week that we were allowed to keep it up. Dozens were college students that worked very hard while they were here and we were sorry to see them go back to their schools after break. The thing that we were hoping that would happen and never did—was that hundreds of people would stay and help us claim the camp as a permanent presence on the mall.

It’s true that the Park Police thwarted us and watched (and photographed) every move we made. However, if we had the numbers, we could have taken a more credible stand against the repression of our rights. When the Park Police came out and shut down camping on the first day—part of our name “Camp” was shut down, too.

We have wonderful organizers and I know I worked as much as is possible for one person, but we had to face facts that the will is just not in our fellow Americans to sacrifice a few creature comforts to create true and lasting change. It’s so much easier to vote for a smooth-talking snake oil salesman than to roll up ones sleeves and do the dirty, hard, yet gratifying work of empire change.

Even though we had some rough times in DC with the Police State and Camp OUT NOW is physically gone (for the time being), we are not giving up the spirit of shutting down this town for Peace.

Congress is once again taking up war supplemental funding. We can’t just make phone calls and write petitions—we must organize and be in their faces here and in our home districts demanding that not one more penny be spent on killing and maiming people.

By the way, not only was our demand to meet with President Obama not granted—three of our Camp OUT NOW volunteers (including myself) have been given stay away orders from the White House.

We tried to get into the Senate Appropriation’s Committee meeting today at the Capitol and we were followed and harassed the entire time and in the transparent age of Obama, the hearing was closed to us citizens, anyway. I was able to watch the rerun on C-SPAN 3 and I can tell you all one thing, these wars are planned to continue indefinitely. I am not okay with that.

To take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm of our young people, we are planning on returning in June to set up Camp and start our actions again.

So we will be keeping the spirit of the Camp alive until the students get out of school and, hopefully, we can make a go of it in the summer.

It’s really up to you—we have laid the foundation, now it’s your turn to be the builders.

As always, go to for more info.


Whose Streets? (Our Streets between 1pm and 4pm With a Permit) by Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan’s Speech at the Anti-war Protest + More videos of her arrest + Going over the barricade!

Cindy Sheehan Arrested At War Protest In D.C.

Scott Horton Interviews Cindy Sheehan on the anti-war movement in the age

Democracy Now!: Cindy Sheehan Sets Up “Camp OUT NOW” in Antiwar Protest



POLICE follow POTA all day long

POTA (peace of the action) were dogged and followed the moment they stepped on to the Capital property. They were informed they couldn't protest at all inside or it would be a federal crime and you would be put in jail overnight and not released till they seen a judge. The group was met standing in the tour line outside ...singled out with at least 5 cops informing (intimidating) them of what they were not able to do. As Cindy told them ...are you telling this to everyone or just us?.

They were followed everywhere by at least if not more than 5 at all times some in plain clothes, the couple times a member would wander off from the tour they were removed from the building

Cindy Sheehan at one point went up some stairs and was taken to the exit immediately. One member took a picture of a cop and he demanding her to delete the picture.

We all sat through a video on the tour that talked of all the great things in Americas History (skipping over stealing the Natives land) and it was ironic to see the Women rights act and the slave acts and other achievements bragged up while at the same time we were majorly intimidated and stifled when it revolved around stopping war and human rights

One POTA member did make it ahead of the group and made it to small hearing room  S127 for the War Funding Hearing (closed to the public ) (wink wink) but was soon picked out and told to leave

One thing for sure is they were busy and knew POTA was on the premise, they knew Cindy was there and they did all they could to make sure PEACE HAD NO CHANCE of even slightly being mentioned.

Free Speech ? Not Anti War free speech. Bull horn-ing will happen latter this evening from the rumor I over heard a POTA member mentioning.

My final thoughts for my first time in the Capital Building of the US ..."Dont talk about peace or anti war or YOUR OUT OF THERE.
Dont even look like you want peace or you will have personal escort everywhere you go..

Be sure to see all my tweets from this oppressive visit on the DC MY OPINION page here



A Veteran For Peace member tells Gates the truth during a hearing in DC on Capital Hill

I am proud of Leah Bolger for speaking truth to power.

The man Gates has no respect for Human Life as my cousin says in his last letter

My cousin committed suicide while serving under Gates & Petraeus

Read about Leah being thrown out and my comment on the news story here:   

March 24


We all (10 of us) met on the lawn by the Smithsonian  Air & Space Museum at 11:00 am (Wednesday)

The group went inside to drop a banner that said:


This big 20 foot banner was dropped from the balcony by their (sic) DRONE display. There were leaflets as well that had more information on them

The banner hung for 5 minutes before security found it and removed it.

One person was caught by security and hauled to the basement and then released On the way out the lady who was caught stops by the information desk and tells them she wanted to complain about he DRONE exhibit. There were about a dozen in the group today. Cindy is not feeling good after her 2 days in the sick prison so she was not with the POTA group today. After the banner drop (which I captured on film) me and A fellow activist walked over to "Voice Of America" news building. We off loaded the footage so they can use it in a report that is going to be shown in the Middle East / Afghanistan. It was kind of cool. The reporter is real serious about his project on reporting about the peace movement for his program, he mentioned this is good footage to let those know in Afghanistan know people in America don't like the DRONES I was proud to be able to help send that message. As I went to the news room a group of 5 or 6 went to one of the Senate Hearings. Not sure if they are going to make any statement or not. 

A lot of this is spontaneous and is decided at the last moment. Its very nerve racking. People in the POTA have been working hard here in the belly of the BEAST .…I am not the only one who has soar feet. One older lady informed me about (1) how she was kicked out of the DRONE hearing yesterday and then (2) how all night long she was freezing cold at the church where she and other are staying. In spite of  all hassles her solidarity with the struggle keeps her going.…she must be in her early 70's 

I was back at the Hostel by 4:30 ish and have posted the tweets from today here

We all are meeting at 11:00 tomorrow (Thursday 3.25.10) at the predetermined spot.

I think tomorrow R. Gates & H. Clinton are speaking for War Funding in the Senate Hearings

I would love to ask Gates what he thinks about my Cousin Lt Ted Westhusing who committed suicide under his command in Baghdad in 2005 - his death note said "death before dishonor, You care more about your own career. I didnt come here to kill for greed and money" ..…I would like to remind him of my cousin and how he helped kill my cousin. (That is tomorrow when I get to see that murderous greedy self serving good for nothing but corruption and Imperialism bum) ...stay tuned ..…


UPDATE from March 23 regarding my opinion on walking past the White House


Today (3.23.10) in DC when I was looking for the CIA DRONE hearings I walked by the white house and there was a line of about 2,000 people long wanting to go inside for a tour. Lost in Space. The crowd of tourists wanted to see the inside of the EMPIRES mansion.

They wanted to oogle and kiss the ring ...they wanted to fawn and drool on the Imperialism of Fascist Americas Marble Halls ...the line was blocks and blocks long - it made me SICK .... Happy Tourists so eager to be licking at the trough ( a long, narrow, open receptacle, usually boxlike in shape, used chiefly to hold water or food for animals) of the EMPIRE. It made me sick ... on my 20 min walk to the Capital ...

I passed Tour Bus after Tour Bus after Tour Bus of ignorant oggling tourists. This city is a zoo of boot-licking/ring kissing lost souls, Police -Secret Servicemen and Hegemony Loving Bureaucrats. Fuk I am in the belly of the beast. I have very little hope for Amerika after seeing DC.


Legality of US Drones Questioned



by John Terrett

Missiles fired from US drones killed at least six people on Tuesday in a Pakistani tribal area bordering Afghanistan, according to security officials.  

It's the latest in a wave of attacks that have been used to target alleged enemy combatants but which frequently kill innocent civilians.  

The latest strike came as a congressional committee in Washington DC heard evidence that legal issues surrounding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have not been fully worked out.   A lone protester was told by the chairman: "You're going to have an opportunity to sit down or be asked to leave - it's your choice." 

There have been multiple civilian deaths as a result of the use of such drones and the committee heard there are concerns inside and outside the US government that drone attacks violate human rights standards and may constitute extra judicial execution. (AFP/HO/US AIR FORCE/File)

She sat down but soon left the room, allowing the door to slam behind her.

------------ -- ------------

Cindy speaks about her arrest on March 20


------------ -- ------------





Here is a LINK from a report Cindy's Soapbox about her own arrest and her viewpoint on what happened.

I went to the capital today to meet the POTA peace group and couldn't find them

They were in a CIA DRONE hearing in the House Building

I walked around looking for the hearing and no one in the building knew where it was?

So I stopped in on my congressman Earl Blumenauer's office (they didnt know where the hearing was either) so I signed the guest book with "Quit Funding the War" ...Then I spent 10 minutes discussing with his office aids about how he needs to step up and to quit OK-ing the war by funding it as HE DOES and to quit giving any kind of support for it.

I told them I used to support him, but I cant do it anymore. I told them I as a citizen I am here to speak to my leadership (congress) to knock off the killing and I want him to actually represent me. I told them my cousin the highest ranking officer to die in Iraq killed himself and said in his note behind "I didn't come here for greed and corruption" ..… They tried to talk some typical spin of Earl not supporting war…I was polite ...I told them to tell Earl I was there..…I left the building feeling like all this is a loosing game .…those guys are in their own world... Its sickening and pathetic.

I latter finally did touched base <by text message> with my fellow POTA comrades who were in the CIA House Hearings on DRONES. They could not use their cell that explains why I couldn't find them or reach them by cell ...Latter (3 hours) and when I was on the bus heading back to the Hostel they contacted me. They said today was a "cluster F* ing day" ...They told me they were kicked out of the hearings for (no reason) other than holding a couple signs that said DRONES KILL CHILDREN -

( hell we cant have that kind of infromation in a DRONE hearing can we folks?  - I mean what the FUCK - we sure wouldn't want the factor of children are dying from these Illegal DRONE use being discussed "  )

As I walked past the White House and through the park across the street from the front of the Empires Big House ...there were all kinds of popo blocking off the park, sidewalk, street. 30 to 50 in various uniforms all spread across (not bunched together) ...not being aggressive ...but directing people away from the Empires Big House.... I asked an older man who was standing by the bus stop if this was common ...he said "ya" …he pointed out the  in yellow jackets were the secret police. He warned me to be careful in the street for they fly by in all kinds of cars and unmarked ones .…he said if they run over you Oh Well they dont care. I thanked him and then we talked more about war and peace, he was a Vietnam  Veteran, but he supports Obama and said "all veterans want peace" - I didnt want to argue with him or put his position down on the bus .so we lightly just conversated. He was a typical Obama ring kisser and was ignorant to peace activism. He told me a person cant talk about war unless he has been there. (whatever)

The few Tweets I posted today, I am as usual posting, on the DC MY OPINION page that I have --> (here)


MARCH 22 Report Back at 11:pm


Camp was removed around 12:30 under the watchful eye of 4 police men off to the side

A group vote was taken numerous time regarding, to get arrested at the camp by staying or to "not'

The group decided to go support folks in court and not do an action in the pouring rain.

The Camp Out Now was hoping for better press at the time (only one news station at the camp)

Emotions and stress were very high this morning.…the people in this struggle are trying against  overwhelming odds.…many are still staying at the church and most of the ones still here will be meeting at 1 pm in Lafayette Park .…Cindy and those arrested can not get with in so close to the white house or they could be arrested for 6 moths

Cindy Sheehan and 6 others released from Jail by 5 pm on Monday

Most of the camp was there .…I waited outside and got some interviews as they cam out

The treatment was terrible, most were there for 50 hours, and had to enter the courtroom in leg shackles

My tweets are posted for today on the DC - MY OPINION link (here)

Another website I found with information on Cindy's arrest and some video clips is  (here)


March 21 Report Back

 I went to the Camp Out Now around 9PMThe popo was there earlier, and informed the activist that the little tents they put up the day before had to be down …as I was arriving all smaller tents were in fact down, they told the group they would be back at 10 pm ..…They never did come back. They also said all of the Camp has to be removed by Noon on Tuesday. The Camp Out Now is asking for solidarity at their peace camp on the Washington Monument   Lawn for the anticipated 12 noon arrival of the "ENFORCERS" The camp will not be evaporating if and when the popo shows up. Some will risk arrest. some will not. The group is not going to be silenced. If forced to move a predetermined spot is already in the mix. When forced and arrested out of that spot another predetermined spot will be used. As I said Peace Of The Action is not going to leave until the Occupation is called off. Cindy Sheehan (who is still in jail) has requested a conversation with the President. He has ignored her, as he has done with the whole peace Community.

I have posted a dozen tweets from Sunday night on DC My Opinion Page

Help spread the word about Camp Out Now and the White Hose trying to shut it down
Help Spread the news about coming down to show solidarity with Camp Out Now
Help Peace Of The Action by telling everyone that peace activists are here in Washington DC on the White House Lawns demanding Justice!

USA is in an aggressive War.... Peace of The Action is involved in an aggressive peace mission
Tell everyone to write the President and Congress.... or come to Washington to be a cog in the wheel of the murder machine.



Hi Folks -

I spent all day and night in downtown protesting the war around the white House

The march had about 10,000 people in it

Cindy Sheehan and 5 others were arrested in front of the White House by SWAT / Park Police

I filmed over 8 hours of video .…and will post as soon as possible ...probably next week

I am still in DC for a week .…I will be around Camp Out Now ...most of the time

I stayed up all night at the camp in case it was to be hassled by the Police (popo)

There were zero hassles or problems in the camp - The protest was energized!

I came home at 9 am and slept all day

I am returning to the camp this evening around 9 ...for a few hours

See all my tweets from M20 on the DC - MY OPINION

My cell battery is dead so I can not tweet on March 21 …I will get a charger on Monday


I posted 100 tweets from today's FUNK THE WAR on my DC MY OPINION

around 6 funker's arrested — 2 at the Army Recruiters and 4 more at around the Treasury Building after 2 scaled the high wall *12 feet high and dropped a banner.…after the popo jumped up and arrested them there was an hour long sit in .…

At the recruiters (earlier in the march) a paintball (or 2) was thrown (balloon with paint) at the windows ..…SPAT hit and yellow paint was splattered .…this happened as the popos were DEFENDING THE BUILDING 3 lines deep

Once the "FUCKEN silly little paintball" hit the window ..…the popo came UNGLUED!!! a ruckus happened ...I filmed on guy get "took down" and cuffed hard…the popo were pushing everyone back onto the opposite sidewalk. ...very roughly and loud an mean .…They got their FUNK going.…the crowd turned and went back the way they came .…clear back past the White House were we had the Banner Drop  happen.

The funk the war group walked to Camp Out Now and the 100 funker-ers all relaxed and had vegan food from Food Not Bombs ...and Cindy ordered 20 pizzas ..…No popos followed into the camp but  about 5 cars were parked 30 yards away..…

Be Protest tomorrow......… We were informed that buses of Democrats are all heading into the WHitehouse to visit Obama.…well guess who they will have to all drive past ? .…yep .…The funky Peace Of The Action folks ...HELLO!!!

The funk The War party lasted about three hours

I see there is a lot of video is already  on you tube by someone here -

NOTICE FOR The BIG M20 PROTEST - The following events I got from ANSWER

With less than 24 hours to go before the March 20th demonstration, volunteers from around the country—mostly young people—have filled up the ANSWER office in Washington, D.C., where scores of people are carrying out a multitude of last-minute tasks.

We expect the composition of tomorrow's action to be multi-generational but there will certainly be a very large presence of young activists from high schools and college campuses around the country.

Workers are coming. A bus of steel workers is coming from western Pennsylvania. Immigrant construction workers who will be demonstrating Sunday for comprehensive immigration reform will also be joining in the Saturday anti-war protest.

Veterans groups and military families are forming a large contingent.

The besieged Arab-American and Muslim community is also expected to have a large presence.

(from the ANSWER website).



I am heading down to the camp around noon .…Big Funk The War march at 3pm ...candle ceremony late tonight.…check my link at the top of this page about re posting my twitter comments (big green text above



2 minutes long from 3/18/10

3/18/10 PICTURES from my "spy camera" I purchased before I left (shhhhhh don't tell)













I was down at he Camp Out Now from 1 till 8 … seen at least 3 Oregonians there that i knew.

On the average at least 50 people were there.  At sometimes it was around maybe 100 folks 

There was suppose to be a Funk The War band playing music at 8:00 pm, but the band canceled (?) - but Funk The War march is still happening on Friday

During the day prior to the canceled event I walked around all the memorials and partook in the following:

Cindy Sheehan spoke for about 15 minutes, and then another speaker spoke for 20 min's about 911 truth and the ties to these war. Both of these speakers were filmed …(video coming soon)

During the warm sunny daylight hours ...there was a steady prep work for displaying all the flags (well actually plastic placards with names on them <not flags> )  They were being cleaned off from previous use and then organized and placed on the lawn in rows. This took hours to just get started and there is still a LOT to do <tomorrow>.  From what I can tell ...this is going to cover lots of ground. Its all by our camp and that is located under the towering Washington Monument. To see all these placards (when finished being installed) it will be mind expanding…the rows and rows go on for ever ...all killed by the war in Iraq.These big huge marble buildings depress me…the ominous power of these corrupt bastards and their big monuments dedicated to war and killing make me sick. The security, the iron fences, the feds, all this crap is capitalism and Imperialism at its (sic) finest.  When I walked to the Vietnam memorial (pictured above) there were lots of tourists looking at the wall.…I wonder if they "get it" or if they are there doing what they do best...gawking and taking picture's of anything that looks like our Government made it. After seeing this a(mazin) display all over the mall of Glorified War bullshit ...I wouldn't be surprised if a corps was laying there on a "government placed marble shrine" if it  wouldn't get all the tourists gawking at it just as well.  Thousands of tourists walking around in awe and the peace group had 75 to 100 ..…This is insane!  

My spay pen camera works for photos (not sure if I can access the video) its really rugged with no viewfinder…just hold the pen and click .…not too bad .…but its not LIFE magazine quality  :-)

I took the 30 min bus ride to the event today .…and a taxi back to the hostel, since I wasn't sure about exact bus route.  Tomorrow a group is going to protest John Yoo at the University of Virgina...and then others are staying for the Funk The War March here in DC  at 3:00PM - I am going to stay for Funk The War.

Its 1:30 am .…better hit the hay .… I have a long day tomorrow and I will be down there around 10am to document the rest of the (flag)(placard) display



I am in Washington DC

After a two hour plane delay in Portland for a maintenance problems, I have arrived at my sleeping quarters

The cab driver got me here with a good anti-Republican conversation along the way.

Bill (the Hostel operator) was here when I arrived around 10:30pm, gave me a tour and 15 minutes later I am using their computers. This all looks good and I think it is going to be a great  stay.  






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