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Saturday, 27 January 2007
GOOD MORNING USA - Hows Your Local Raytheon Gun?
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As the Evildoers and their Police-State thugs, ramp up the equipment and break out some new military toys to use on American Citizens (they are already using and testing these on foreign citizens)

Watch this 


video for a good idea what this is all about

A discussion with a Military and Human Rights Watch





A non-lethal -- but potentially harmful -- crowd control weapon that

heats human skin

is bound for Iraq, and possibly to a police department near you


When used on a Hummer its Referred to as  ...an 

"A.D.S. Humvee"

The bad news is that the PIGS are planing on using this laser beam weapon on protesters in the near future or who ever they want. More sooner than you think. It may be out on the streets as soon as 1-27-07 (today) in Washington DC from what I have read.

<Joe:: skip to last paragraph below for more on the Washington DC toy reference>

There is more here in this article on this Machine:

 (Zebra 3 readers do you notice how it is a military produced toy?)http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/v-mads.htm

And this article here covers a lot of types:


Well, that may be about to change. DefenseTech covers the latest developments, noting reports that Army just got the OK to spend $31.3 million on three deployable Project Sheriff vehicles. Furthermore, Army Brig. Gen. James Huggings, the chief of staff for the Multi-National Corps-Iraq, proposes 14 vehicles: 4 for the 18th Military Police Brigade, 4 for the 42nd Military Police Brigade, and 6 for the Marine Corps. CENTCOM Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. John Castellaw fully supported the request. The vehicles, either Cougar mine-resistant vehicles or Stryker APCs, will be equipped with "Spiral 1" Sheriff equipment that can escalate its responses from a "Long Range Acoustic Device" (sonic blaster), up to a Laser Dazzler, then on to the ADS pain ray before things escalate to live ammunition. Read DefenseTech's article: Pain Ray, Sonic Blaster, Laser Dazzler - All In One; and see also "Bring the Pain." 

And don't skip this from Germany

(cant read it but it has links) -->  German Link

This link -->  http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/iraq/2005-07-24-energy-beam_x.htm  came from USA Today back in 2005

Oh Z3 Readers don't let me forget to show you all, a few pictures of these Police-State toys!







The good news is

that wearing tinfoil can redirect the beam BACK at the frickin pigs who turned it on the protesters

Hey ...... Remember we are .......


We all show up with our peace signs and kids. The fricken Police-State shows up with their guns - Mace - and rubber bullets - military toys - and now laser beams ........problem is my tin foil hat comes with it own science trick.

Bounces of me & sticks to

 you   ...HAHAHAHA 

Copied from --> http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/ 

January 26, 2007 -- Save your aluminum foil "hats." According to a technology expert who is familiar with the Raytheon Active Denial System (ADS), tested January 24 at Moody Air Force base in Georgia, the millimeter microwave directed beam weapon can be defeated by a crowd of people using aluminum- or gold-coated Mylar to conduct the beam to ground or even direct it back to the Humvee housing the ADS system. Although the Humvee is shielded, any law enforcement or military personnel standing near the Humvee would get a burning taste of their own medicine if the directed beam were reflected back to its source or to a crowd of police. In addition to aluminum or gold coated Mylar, Mylar reflective space blankets, aluminum coated windshield heat protective screens, and more sophisticated and precise corner cube retro-reflectors or Luneburg spheres can all be used to reflect the millimeter wave beam back to its source.

The source we spoke to also revealed that the ADS technology has already been used in Iraq against civilian rioters even though the Pentagon claims it will not be deployable until 2010. The source added that even if the ADS Humvee is present at the anti-war march in Washington tomorrow, Raytheon would not permit its use because of liability issues stemming from potential eye damage and human rights violations. However, WMR has learned that Raytheon is offering the ADS technology to police departments and as a component of home security alarm systems.


Bush's new anti-crowd ray gun -- In a case of Alcoa versus Raytheon, it can be defeated and used against the users with aluminum foil.

Also my fellow readers  be sure to read about Sonic Lasers

Which are a..... sound Lasers -->




One thing is ......

Zebra3 Readers will all be

wearing earplugs and tinfoil hats !!

Thanks to A Freeman on Portland Indy Media who brought this to my attention http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/352906.shtml

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