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Saturday, 6 January 2007
Today In the New York Times, I Read About The Deep Divide
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Now Playing: Bush Facing Deep Divide Over More Troops for Iraq
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Let start this post on the topic of “Escalating Troops Iraq” with a quote from this Saturday NY Times <1-6-07> by Sen. Mary L Landrieu who is a Louisiana Democrat. She stated to the White House, “The American people’s patience is wearing thin with the vagueness,”  

Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat from Nebraska was quoted as saying “I don’t know that the American people will see the surge (of troops in Iraq) as a new direction, The American people want to see a change in direction, not just a change in slogans.” 

As well as Senator Blanche Lincoln, an Arkansas Democrat who said, “An increase in troops would face considerable scrutiny in Congress from Democrats and Republicans.”


And my fellow Zebra 3 Reader, this nugget here from the Times article struck me as a double edged point to ponder: After the meeting, Mrs. Clinton did not issue a statement, while Mr. Obama spoke to reporters about his conversation with Mr. Bush.

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois, who both are considering a presidential candidacy, arrived at the White House at nearly the same time. After the meeting, Mrs. Clinton did not issue a statement, while Mr. Obama spoke to reporters about his conversation with Mr. Bush.

“I personally indicated that an escalation of troop levels in Iraq was a mistake and that we need a political accommodation, rather than a military approach to the sectarian violence there,” he said. “I think he recognizes that the status quo is unacceptable and has to change.”

Folks notice how Clinton had no comment

..... I believe she is pro war... that is why!!

Notice Obama has stepped up and said rhe right thing ! ahhhhhhhh Seems like he is a-hell-of-a-lot-smater than the ditz that is running things now.

So these were the comments being relayed to Bush in the White House just the other day with the “special meeting he called”

 Read Full Article From the NY Times Here 

So what is the Commander in Chief getting ready to do? Ramp up the number of warm US bodies to send in for more targets.., that’s what he is doing! In blatant disregard for all the anti-war information and the (sic) intelligence he is going on a self-destruct course. See the link I put to a comment on MSNBC / You Tube from the journalist Keith Obernman, it is titled: 

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment  

He eloquently says these US Military deaths are all on Bush shoulders and who has lied about this from the start. It is his fault! He is to Blame! 

Folks we all know that fighting is wrong. We all know there were no WMD  ..It was lies!  We know torture is being done in (sic) off shore-prisons!   (GITMO, etc) (Where US law doesn’t apply)  We have killed 100 of Thousands innocent Iraq civilians by this attack on their country   Our US solider death tolls now stretches over 3000 US dead and rising   We know but hardly hear of the injuries to US soldiers which is 1000 and 1000’s of injurie!   We are destroying the whole region water, roads, schools, hospitals, kicking in door-to-door, crimes rapes and shooting/killings.   This fricken war is wrong and SUCKS    Bush is out of his mind is going to try to drag us all down with him!   In his greed for oil, power, and self serving war profiteering he is 'Ruining the World' and my country who under his insane directive are continiously and shamelessly killing without cause or reason    The answer I see is Impeachment.    It would rid our society and country from this terrible mans rein.

After Impeaching, I then see charges for prison and war crimes waged as being the proper and right thing to be done.    He is not, beyond all law …..he too, must follow the laws of this country.   I am ashamed to watch this man lie and kill to prove he was (sic) right!   Now against all odds, all advise, and full of himself …he suggests “more bodies”   That may be my kids he wants to use …….and when I think he would use my kid for his war obsession it makes me stand up and YELL ……. 



Let’s see if these Congressmen and women can ram the logic home?    Hell maybe we need a Civil War here at home over this sick perverted White House killing fascination and waving our flag while they do it principles.    I am writing my Senators next (again!) and tell them we need to....

.... put an end to the Killing ....Now!

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Updated: Sunday, 7 January 2007 5:24 AM PST

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