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Thursday, 4 January 2007
Rat Hole
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Now Playing: NY Times article explains recent shift in Padilla Wiretap Case
In 1997, as the government listened in on their phone call, Adham Hassoun, a computer programmer in Broward County, Fla., proposed a road trip to Jose Padilla, a low-wage worker there. The excursion to Tampa would be his treat, Mr. Hassoun said, and a chance to meet “some nice, uh, brothers.”

.....   .......   ..................      ........................     ...............................

But this is not the version of Mr. Padilla — Al Qaeda associate and would-be bomber — that John Ashcroft, then the attorney general, unveiled in 2002 when he interrupted a trip to Moscow to trumpet Mr. Padilla’s capture. In the four and a half years since then, as the government tested the limits of its power to deal with terrorism outside the traditional law enforcement system, Mr. Padilla is the only accused terrorist to have gone from enemy combatant to criminal defendant.

His criminal trial, scheduled to begin late this month, will feature none of the initial claims about violent plotting with Al Qaeda that the government cited as justification for detaining Mr. Padilla without formal charges for three and a half years. Those claims came from the government’s overseas interrogations of terrorism suspects, like Abu Zubaydah, which, the government said, Mr. Padilla corroborated, in part, during his own questioning in a military brig in South Carolina.



My Fellow Readers .....you need to update this into your ongoing tracking of the White House and how they are manipulating this TORTURE topic. In this NY Times article that just came out today I find a few interesting "moves" .

One "move" is dropping the charges and then pinning them on his associate who is at GITMO. Thus avoiding a Supreme Court trial

An Oddity also is, the reason he was first suspected/ wanted/ and then arrested is NOW totally removed and not an issue for those original charges...so what is with that?  I thought he was a main player at first. (They <neocon leadership> are covering their tracks on serious civil rights issues...errrrrr I mean .....abuses!)

The article also discuss the forced confessions, and my fellow readers I must say I have read documentaries on where the GITMO interrogators are putting the words and names into their prisoners mouths. The Interrogates by using stress/fear and torturous positions keep insisting they <prisoner> are involved or know about one... or will "cop" to a crime or charge just to make the interrogations stop. This my good readers is appalling. For our Honor Bound GITMO guys and ABU and other prisons in Iraq for the matter of the record is anything but and a whole lot less about "HONOR".

Notice also in the article the fricken "Cheesy" way that the US is implying that "CODES" were being used or their ridiculous cross revelations encrypting is as bad as some of those old Nostradamus sayings I grew up on as a kid.

Look at this story in the Times, for the Integrity that the US should be using and abiding by. How innocent are these two men....... well give them an honest trial and we will see. I wonder if it will be like the Mayfield trial in a allot of ways? who knows it already is getting "stinky" like we are unearthing a smelly Rat Hole"..... This whole Torture / GITMO issue is gonna bite them freaks in the ass sooner than they expected.

But .....untill then my friendly z3 readers keep your eye on their lips, listen with your heart and soul, and reconize the smell from these sneaking rats! Who have been feeding on Torture and Human Rights Violations, for I think this rat-pack is trying to cover their stinking - rat hole!

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Updated: Thursday, 4 January 2007 8:35 AM PST

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