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Tuesday, 2 January 2007
Saddam is hung ...Read Robert Lindsay's blog on what happened
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Now Z3 Readers it was just the other day (12-31-06) when the hanging of Saddam happened. I make a reference to that event and the strange fact that there were so many cell phone cameras allowed to film this ugly event (here is the link to that post that I found on TPM Cafe)

Well a few days have gone by and I find this excellent report, as usual, over at the blog site of Robert Lindsay. This guy can dig up information and it amazes me that he can lay out such in-depth reports. He is an excellent journalist living in the USA.

Now I seen the short camera video clip and I heard all the talking/yelling going on at the hanging but I didn't know what all was being said or who was yelling what. Well Zebra 3 Readers, we now have some more information on this sick hanging of justice(sic). As Robert explains the ... who was saying what....

A person/country with any morals or any human ethics would not even be involved in this type of killing. I encourage all you to read this report. You need to click this link --> Robert Lindsay Blog On Saddam's Hanging

The following is a copy/sample from Roberts blog

In the video, Saddam was taunting and being taunted by some of those who were getting ready to hang him. As he was getting ready to be hung, he recited the Muslim prayer a couple of times.

Just before Saddam was killed, a Shia militiaman in attendance shouted, "Praise to Mohammad Baqir Al-Sadr!" He is the uncle of Moqtada Sadr, the venerale Shia cleric in Iraq, Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir Al-Sadr, who was tortured to death by Saddam in 1980


Then Sadr's supporters chanted, "And may the Mahdi return soon! And the Hell with his enemies! And his son will win! Muqtada! Muqtada! Muqtada!" Saddam smiled and said something sarcastic about Muqtada Sadr, "Muqtada! It is this...", but he was drowned out by voices yelling, "Go to Hell!"

Saddam looked dimly at the hecklers and asked, "Is that how you show you are a man?" As the rope was put around Saddam's neck somebody shouted, "Long live Muhamad Baqir al Sadr!" Onlookers yelled insults at Saddam. An onlooker shouted, "I beg you, I beg you - the man is being executed!"

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Sunday, 7 January 2007 - 3:06 AM PST

Name: "Robert Lindsay"
Home Page: http://robertlindsay.blogspot.com/

Hi there Joe. Thx for the link! 

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