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Thursday, 22 June 2006
By Allowing 911 - Now we are being over run by FEAR MONGERS
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Hello Z3 Readers, as you know my opinion about 911 and then to read todays paper about the TERRoR word, I have to speculate a little here, but first the two paragraph from today article in the times:

From The NY Times
"Mayors Protest Cuts in Antiterrorism Funds"

WASHINGTON, June 21, 2006

Protecting major American cities against terrorism requires investing federal dollars not just in high-tech gadgets but also in police officers working in uniform and under cover, the mayors of New York and Washington told a House committee on Wednesday.

The joint message, from Mayors Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and Anthony A. Williams of Washington, came as the two protested a plan by the Department of Homeland Security to cut grants to the cities by 40 percent in the coming year.


Now this NY Times article mentions these mayors to be protesting their lack of cash for their FEAR programs...you see I really feel that it it is fear mongering and trumped up terror innuendos that this "Terror Spin" FRENZY is all over.

Since Sept 11 The federal government allowed, botched, bungled, and pretty much created the atmosphere we have today where we now have a BEEFED-up POLICE-STATE and there is a major loss of my civil rights and privacy and freedom and an honest government is corporate controlled and apathy is prevailing!
The list is never ending that I attribute to the cause and effect from allowing (did I say orchestrating?) the Attack on the Trade Towers and the Pentagon on Sept 11.

A second point is the Patriot Act was written and ready one day after the attack? HuH?
.. Now that is some pre pared (get it?) "thinking in advance." It was so big and long hardly anyone even could of read it. The we get the spin of TERRoRIST are everywhere. Where are all these terrorist? I have yet to see my dollars worth of these bums "the TERRoRIST" that have cost me so much of my liberty.
I see none! Aloof us Americans library records and medical records all snooped through ....and who did they catch with these intrusion ????? Did they Git A TERRoRIST that was coming to Git Us? I have heard not a thing!
What a SHAM

An occasional wanna be shoe bomber or bridge threatener? All this Mexican border talk based on Terrorist are able to getting. Causing HATE and Discourse. All this spying on Joe Anybody phone records because of Terrorism. More Police. More Searches. More encroachment on freedom. More Torture. More Wars. More Military. All because......all because .......????
All because of BULLSHIT that is why!
Lies & Bullshit that is why.

This administration botched the intelligence, and failed to protect the sky's, our buildings and our people.**** And beside the known fact of The Presidents Daily Briefing mentioning the very aspect of this type of attack was going to be happening.***** We did nothing about the info!
And the fact that Vice President had most of NORAD Air Defense off practicing war Games that involved shooting down Passenger Highjacked airplanes which HA! left us vulnerable and un protected, which he tried to hide from the media. The list goes on and on and on.......
My point is this event was planned: The groundwork to use Fear and Terror will keep Americans hiding with their heads DEEP in the Sand. The Neocon Agenda is being played out.

I have much more information compiled about the Planned SET-UP and the real 911 TRUTH
This information I have compiled reeks with corruption.
There is enough films links and articles to keep you busy researching 911 TRUTH for days and days ....

Please Click Here for My 911 Truth Page

Posted by Joe Anybody at 12:20 AM PDT
Updated: Monday, 21 August 2006 5:46 PM PDT

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