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Joe Anybody Latin America Solidarity
Sunday, 29 November 2009
A letter to my Congress & President Obama regarding the election in Honduras
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Topic: Honduras Solidarity

Dear Respected Sir.

The elections that are happening in Honduras are illegal and should NOT be supported by the USA.

There are over 4,000 documented cases of Human Rights abuses from. Murder, rape, torture, assignations, intimidations, threats, and attacks against those who do not wholly agree with the coup leadership.

How can a sane Nation, allow this to go on? How can our country that promotes Democracy and Freedom “allow” this to go on with our US blessing of approval?

This is not the left and the right, or the conservative against the liberal. This is a overthrow by the military. They use violence and rape as tools to make their citizens to comply. The true leader is surrounded, trapped, and all those who support him “FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES” as well.

This is a travesty and a shame; it is a mockery of justice, and human rights.

I’m just as disgusted for this crime called a “free election” as I am for my country (USA) in supporting it.

I demand that my country NOT support this violent oppressive military abusive takeover of any country.

I demand the USA do all that is necessary to promote a truthful, open honest and safe democracy for all. One that is not forced or one that is using intimidation and violence to achieve “their means” as is what is happening right now and can be proven by all the public documentation.

The USA acceptance of this coups regime is an abomination to honest elections. It should be opposed just based on: the violent abuse the whole world has seen on TV or the Internet, being applied to those that speak in opposition to it. There are documentations of how those who speak out are disappeared, jailed, raped, beaten or threatened. This type of oppression is outrageous and deserves “No American blessing”

I urge you to use your position, and clout to say that we in the USA will NOT support this crooked election” I urge you to speak for those whom you represent, with dignity and with respect and with valor for the people of the country of Honduras are being abused before your eyes.

This bloody coup and election does NOT have my support. I ask that you speak up for human rights abuses, research this issue and do something to assist in countering the hypocrisy. If you support this you are NOT informed.

If you support this you are complying with terrorists who have 1,000's of documented human rights abuses on record. If you support this I cry out SHAME on you for turning your back on real freedom and democracy being exchanged for military rule. I will cry out SHAME on you, for you are my leadership and I demand Human Rights be followed and respected by MY leadership. In true democratic fashion we put you in office and we demand you use your position to maintain the same standards of ethics and human rights concerns, as you speak for me and for those that elected you. You must do what is right and admirable for it is your public duty.

Mr. Congressman, and Mr. President Obama, I am asking you now to do the right thing …condemn the human rights abuses, and refuse to acknowledge the sham of democracy that is being called “elections in Honduras.” And give due respect with demand for safe return to President of Honduras, Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, so that the honest and correct process can be followed, with regards to life and liberty and democracy. If you allow this election to go on with the USA blessing I need to tell you the blood of Honduras people is on your hands. And it is real human lives you are tossing aside in order to shake hands with criminals and murderers. As you shake those criminals hands may the peoples blood of Honduras be on both of you as you pact together to destroy dignity and human rights in the world, your handshake will make you partners with human rights criminals.


Joe Anybody

(A human rights related link is posted below)



Posted by Joe Anybody at 11:16 AM
Updated: Sunday, 29 November 2009 7:57 PM

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