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Tuesday, 26 September 2006
My Letter to Congressman Rangel (NY-D)
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Hello Z3 fellow readers ......today I mailed after  re-reading this about 50 times the following letter to Rep Rangel of New York

It was after I read in the news The Congressman putting down Chavez.

Hell it didn't make Joe Anybody too happy. I felt I had to stick up for Chavez comments


I ask when is our own Democratic party going to have some backbone?

I am constantly reinforced to support the democrats but they talk like they don't want to stand up to this Kabul at the helm, and the illegal war at hand.

It is with this patsy-up-to-the-Republican-party that sure made me want to vote for Ralph Nader the last few times I had a chance ...and with shenanigans continuing I shake my head in wonderment. I cant support their cozy relationship they want with the ones I feel are ruining the very country they were sworn to protect and serve.




Charles B Rangel

15th Congressional District, New York

2354 Rayburn House Office Building

Fax: (202) 225-0816




Dear Mr. Congressman Rangel,


Hello I live in Portland Oregon and I am writing to you in regards to your distasteful put down of Hugo Chavez. He took the words out of my mouth. I applaud him for standing up to this very evil and crooked administration.

Three things prompt me to write you after reading “your comments” last week.



It is sad that it takes a leader from another country to stand up and speak the truth as leadership here does just about nothing. Our country invaded and is to this very day killing civilians by the thousands, and all over lies about WMD and misleading references to terrorism links to 911 that are not factual.

Where is true Democrat leadership to end this illegal war? Where is my voice being represented? Where is impeachment inquires from my fellow Democrats? Where am I being represented for the policies and atrocities such as, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the treatment of detainees, the civil rights of all of us citizens here in the USA who are being brushed aside and violated in the name of fabricated terrorism, the endorsement of bombing children and civilians in Lebanon, the rendition practices, the violations of the Geneva convention and revamping of the Habeas Corpus rulings? Where are the Democrat’s? That is my first question. Where are my representatives in the Democratic Party who are safeguarding our country and our policies? Why are we rewriting the Constitution and Geneva policy. Why do we torture, such as water-boarding and stress positions, dogs, cattle prods, and deviate sexual tactics?

So yes I am proud a leader steps up …for Mr. Congressman sir, after all  “We are in the wrong” I remind you, the whole world is watching, he deserves a handshake not a scolding.



You criticize Mr. Chavez and yet I “proudly” thank him.

Our country is pissing off and pissing on the whole world. We now, thanks to Mr. Bush and his Neocon war buddies… and the do nothing Democrats, are being considered a rogue bunch of terrorists in the worlds eyes. I am not alone in my accusation even within our own states, this is a comment well spoken. And now we are seeing others from around the world, who view our outlandish use of Military and offensive attacks and detainee treatment as being abominable and morally wrong. We are making more enemies than ever before. We are by our ugly actions, inspiring want-to-be terrorist training by the hundreds, and providing by our ill policies, fodder and hate to fuel the drive for “more” terrorists, this all done by our inhumane and pro-killing attitude and lies. We are turning America into a hated anti-humanitarian country. We proudly once used to be the leaders of Human Rights on a higher moral ground, and I say used to be.

Mr. Rangel… we no longer are on any kind of higher moral ground.


Yes leaders of other countries are speaking out. Hold on to your hats they are starting to come from all over the world dispelling their distaste and outspokenness to this blatant misuse of USA power. The demeaning verbal attack by Mr. Chavez is well deserved and well received by me. Shame on the Democrat party for not carry the torch of righteousness and honest government. When the Democrat party does nothing to stop these violations …at least thank God leaders from around the world will. If the Democrats were doing their jobs this wouldn’t have to happen. Shame on America. Look at the voices in the UN …it’s the same story. Bush calls them names and kills their families. The USA lies then kills and nobody stands up... well thousands are in the streets protesting but do any leaders listen? Where is the Democratic leadership when we really need them? Can’t they hear? Can’t they see?


Congressman Rangel, we lied about WMD and then attacked. We are aggressors and we are the Evildoer’s. You say we are not? Then prove it. I don’t believe you. I will instead watch other countries do what your party should be doing. Standing up to violations by our own trusted Government, protecting America ideals and morals, protecting our Constitution, and the Geneva Act, and respecting other Nations people and International laws. We have failed. I hope we see many nations step up and do more of this speaking out against our atrocities. For I do not expect you or our Democratic party to do it ….you haven’t yet and you wont. How sad you have to draw your line in the sand and protect this lying war president.

The USA is now lying all the time to the world and to me.

And now Mr. Chavez has called us on it ….how right can he be?



You mentioned how Mr. Chavez is offering heat and oil to the low income and the poor in “our” country. How admirable. Thank you Mr. Chavez. In fact you should thank him to. How kind of him to care about the poor and forgotten here in America. You see in this land of corruption (US) the rich get richer and the poor get colder and hungrier. The capitalist war profiteers get richer. The US oil companies could care less and have record profits. “They do not care.” And you are surprised to see no US oil company step up. Ha! I laugh, you need to get out more often. They don’t care about people. Mr. Bush’s war in Iraq is all about oil and power. The humanitarian concerns for our people or any people is not being represented by the greedy oil companies any more than Bush says he cares about the poor or cares about life. I have to laugh out loud.

Nobody cares or they would do something ... hey!  Hugo Chavez is doing something …amazing huh?

Oh yes,  Mr. Chavez knows and so eloquently has said so, to your distaste, I am sorry. 

It is a pity all we (you) do is close our ears, rebuke him for speaking ill of our Devil leader and then try to protect the corruption that the Democratic Party once upon a time might of stood tall and proud and fought against..


Not shame on Mr. Chavez ….oh no …its shame on you and the whole Democratic party, for putting the man down. He came half way around the world to say what are own elected representatives who live here, wont even half ass even begin to do. Yes not even half ass, that is a pretty sad state of affairs we got going in America today. To have leaders from around the world ….be doing what at one time was what you  as our Congress did…….preserving and protecting Our America!


Thanks for listening to me as a US Citizen

Who still does have the right to Free Speech

Please pay heed when great men from around the world have a message

Look no further, for the ones who are destroying America are at the helm as I write this.

And nobody dares say that they are wrong, not even the Democratic Party, but I do!

Can you hear me now?


~Joe Anybody





Posted by Joe Anybody at 9:56 PM PDT
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