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Monday, 8 May 2006
Bushman spin would have him saying he wants to Close Down Guantanamo
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(quote from MSNBC)

"Of course Guantanamo is a delicate issue for people. I would like to close the camp and put the prisoners on trial," Bush said in comments to German television to be broadcast Sunday night.

and also,

Frederick Jones, spokesman for the White House National Security Council said,
“The United States has no intention of permanently detaining individuals, that is not our goal. We want to see all these individuals brought to justice,”

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, however, has dismissed calls for the prison to be closed.

“Every once and a while someone pops up and gets some press for saying ’Oh let’s close Guantanamo Bay.’
Well, if someone has a better idea, I’d like to hear it,” Rumsfeld said in a February speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Hey! I got an "Better Idea" if rummy really wants to hear it.. Besides my "Close It Down idea!"

..Lets put Ole War Crime Rummy himself in the same prison and while we are at it lets use some of that Handy Wrap Plastic laying around. We can have it wrapped around his face over his mouth and nose and then strap him to a board and hold his head upside down under water to simulating drowning.
I mean that is not even considered wrong by our current policy.

In fact since Rummy commented a few years ago that he was on his feet 8 hours a day, that there is nothing wrong with having these prisoners held in stress positions for countless hours in their long day after days, and if that wasn't fun enough for stopping Terrorism (or breeding it) the military interrogators or CIA or whomever turn it was at the time ...would then do stuff like, remove the prisoners contact with their human senses like sight, touch, smell, hearing.....and sure enough.., Our Beloved Rumming Gang started turning human beings into complete ugly messes of a Human.
Turning Humans Into Complete Out Of Their Mind Mess.
Thank Rummy! Thanks CIA, Thanks USA Freedom On the March, Thanks bushman!

So check this link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12675642/
and by June we will see if the Supreme Court will allow these prisoners a trial?
And then we can see if the Spin in this news link today even half ass materializes As half-ass-bushman lies to us in today spin and infers he wants human rights and justice!

Heck I even read an article that the Military wants to change the law so as to give themselves (sick bastards) the power to use the Death Penalty on Foreign Prisoner. The problem is we can only execute on US land and that is only at some US Major Army Base of ours. And the military wants to change the law so as to start executing off-American soil.
Which by keeping the prisoners also off American soil which means they are not bound by our laws, hence the reason for using foreign lands for Torture, and even as we will all agree, using foreign soil for World Trade, which allows the destruction of the environment, labor rights, and human right, etc.

"We use these lands, to skirt OUR OWN NATIONS LAWS"
See if, the US Military brings a prisoner from Iraq to the USA he then gets a trial and there are laws to protect him from torture and abuse....keep him in Cuba and those same laws can not and do not apply!

So change the law about capital punishment to allow the Military to start executing ....and watch the sick-o's start having a real freak time

Myself I still am holding out till Rummy and bushman are tapping on their toilet pipes hoping to get a message over cross the 'yard' to their jail bird friends Tom Delay, Scooter Libby, and Jack Abramoff.
Hoping they will be bring all their neocon friends like Rove, and Cheney, Rice, Wolferitz, Rudy Gulliani,,,,,for some old fashioned new Conservative toilet pipe communicating.

Posted by Joe Anybody at 9:36 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 8 May 2006 11:55 PM PDT

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