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Tuesday, 31 January 2006
USA Secret Torture Planes are Getting Invistigated by EU
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So in Europe they are investigating if the US is using (ghost) rendition planes to fly detainees out of European countries? READ MORE HERE
Zebra3 Readers Know why they would fly detainees out of the country... because we know that the US wants to TORTURE them and ABUSE them in countries where our laws can't touch them when they do so.

....what the stupid sadists didn't figure on was

.... a Hugh-ever-growing-EU-Investigation into this business of flying people secretly to countries that support or harbor prisoners for the US.
With European Investigations wanting to know what countries were cooperating with this US torture stuff and who would be harboring, torturing in secret prisons, or lying or trying to secretly cover up their involvement, they would be then be violating ethic laws in Europe. And with many of them wanting to be included in the EU, they would be jeopardizing if exposed, not to mention all sorts of EU Human Rights legal problems if all the truth surface in this Investigation.

"Oh shit" says Poland and Uzbekistan. (And Blair)
Oh noooo!! says Switzerland, who also by the way, starts bitching about who leaked this CIA plane Information stuff HERE that they were involved.
Facts be told, a few countries are involved!!
.....We here at Z3 are tuned in for more to come on this for sure.

You see, now a second extensive investigation has started, just last Wednesday, by the members of the European Parliament, who voted to establish a special committee specifically to analyze whether the U.S. violated European Union human rights norms in its handling of terrorist suspects.

Did the US violate European human rights?
HAHAHA don't make me eat my hat! Hell yes they did!, In fact they violated about every Human Rights Law around the Whole~Dang~World, not just the European area.

They Get to Play GOD with Human Lives all over the Globe
Then Play SATAN with peoples lives as they kidnap, hide,and torture them

Wait Till You Hear.., The Masses Yell
"War Crimes!"

Need More Information on The US using this Plane?
Which is also known as the "Gulfstream V" is explained here in -->
Joe Anybody's Terror Page which has some good links

Look into #1 2 and 3 on the Terror Index Page

For those of you that just woke up.....
here is a link that is over a year old on this Bush n Company US Ghost Plane
http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/0108-06.htm .......kind of smells like death on that plane!?
.... or is that SATAN that I smell?

Posted by Joe Anybody at 12:52 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2006 8:52 AM PST

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