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2017 videos
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~2015 --- videos of mine can be found here:: http://www.joeanybody.com/id54.html
~2014 --- videos of mine can be found here:: http://www.joeanybody.com/id52.html
~2013 --- videos of mine can be found here:: http://www.joeanybody.com/id39.html
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Joe Anybody 2016 videos will all be on this page

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Downtown Safeway Aggressive Security

A security guard grabs a man while he is inside Safeway and claims he stole something 12/26/17 #Portland Oregon.


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Veterans For Peace Ch 72. Memorial Day Portland Ore

Veterans For Peace (VFP) Chapter 72 in Portland Oregon stood by the entrance to the Oregopn Vietnam Memorial in Washington Park on Memorial Day morning 5/29/17 around 11Am


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PDX Upstanders Festival

Upstanders Festival was a free community event at the Portland Art Museum. Organized by PDX Hands up Dont Shoot - Black Lives Matter Art - Music - Communitry - Education - Spoken Word - Solidarity PDX Upstanders Festival May 27 2017 - 6 clips

video 1 https://youtu.be/npuforgOf1U
video 2 https://youtu.be/GmEkd5k2pwo
video 3 https://youtu.be/SJrdIo52iyA
video 4 https://youtu.be/iLIMlkaFTpI
video 5 https://youtu.be/UsbPtiMuk24
video 6 https://youtu.be/Ovq0lzEz3FU

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MAYDAY Rally and March 5-1-17 Portland Oregon

Mayday 2017 picture and video footage from Mayday in Portland Oregon
Here is the link for Portland Indymedia: Mayday 2017 PDX


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Keaton Otis Vigil 2-12-17 Portland Oregon

Keaton Otis Vigil Feb 12 2017 in Portland Oregon. A recording from watching the vigil online. Original recording by Mungencakes was LIVE streamed. This video was recorded from my computer and re-posted here.


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Driving in the snow - Portland Oregon 10pm 1.10.17

If I stopped moving I would have trouble ... no studs or chains - that said I made it without getting stuck or stranded. I drove by people who were stuck and not as lucky as me. https://youtu.be/qGKvrWOOIxc

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TAR SANDS VALVE-TURNERS - Speaking In Portland on 11-16-16

On October 11, 2016, five brave climate activists, determined to act commensurately with the truth of unfolding climate cataclysm in the face of the failure of adequate policy, closed safety valves on the 5 pipelines carrying tar sands crude oil into the United States.


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Sheriffs Spray Chemicals on Portland J20 Protesters on Burnside Bridge

Around 6:09 PM the J20 Portland Protesters were blocked on the west side of the Burnside Bridge. The sheriffs department (police in riot gear) used some kind of chemical spray on the crowd. They also shot some kind of bean bag or similar weapon at the protesters.
The "spraying & shooting" starts at 3:12 in this video.


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J20 Protest in Portland Oregon 3 to 6 PM

This is video footage from the J20 protest in PDX Portland, Ore. The protest started on Jan 20th in Pioneer Square. I followed it up until around 6:00 PM (The protest continued for a few more hours) https://youtu.be/14cva-lJAwk

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J20 It's Just A Camera - Police Block Morrison Bridge in Portland Oregon

J20 Cop's who are blocking the Morrison Bridge in Portland Oregon ... aggressively push a camera away as crowd passes the bridge onramp and take umbrage of the cops actions. https://youtu.be/66z3spVXmFE

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J20 - Portland Cop with No ID - Mr. Officer No Name 2017

A Portland police Officer flat out refuse to identify himself in uniform in public at a public demonstration, which is against Portland police policy in regards to police accountability https://youtu.be/lgmOEwO4iOc

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1 min out-take Sheriffs Spray Chemicals on J20 Protesters - Portland

Around 6:09 PM the J20 Portland Protesters were blocked on the west side of the Burnside Bridge. The sheriffs department (police in riot gear) used some kind of chemical spray on the crowd. They also shot some kind of bean bag or similar weapon at the protesters.

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Outed Pervert in Pioneer Courtyard Square Runs Away - Portland Oregon J20

In Pioneer Courthouse Square listening to speeches... I see a older man swoop up close right behind two teenage girls. I thought he was either a real good friend or a creep. (a creep he was!)

As I looked at his lower waist area I could see he was lightly pressed against the girl. I could see he was in fact a male and he was no doubt touching her. I turned the camera on but apparently didn't have it pointed up to capture the inappropriate touching.

I then decide to face him from the side and I held my camera up towards his face ....he notice it and quickly turns and leaves. As he is leaving I call him a pervert and he turns his pace to a run and makes it to the next block. https://youtu.be/FWP02NhSRyw

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Joe Anybody video's from 2017 are all filmed by myself unless otherwise noted

You Be The Media - Fuck Corporate Media  ((( i )))


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